In an odd video, a toad wearing a cowboy hat rides a turtle around a house.

An extraordinary video showing a toad in a cowboy hat hitching a ride on the back of a turtle has been spreading cheer online.

From baby hippos bonding with giraffes to gorillas making grand entrances, there’s no end to the appetite for cute animal videos on the internet—and with good reason.

Studies have shown that watching animal videos can actually help reduce stress and anxiety. In a 2019 experiment conducted by researchers from the University of Leeds, 19 test subjects were showing images and videos of cute animals over a 30-minute period.

Bật cười với hình ảnh ếch tranh thủ quá giang trên lưng rùa - Hạt giống tâm  hồn

Fifteen university students and four members of staff took part in the study, which was conducted during an exams period, when all of those involved would have been under more stress than usual.

What they found was that, in each instance, participants experienced a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety after watching the 30-minute session.

Blood pressure dropped on average from 136/88 to 115/71. Average heart rates reduced to 67.4 bpm, in a decline of 6.5 percent, while anxiety went down 35 percent based on a measurement calculated by the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory.

Maybe that’s what has drawn so many people to the video posted to TikTok by kenny_james16. Then again, it might just be down to the bizarre content of the video itself. Watch it here.

After all, it’s not every day you see a toad in a hat riding a turtle. In fact, this might well be a first for many viewers, which goes some way to explaining why the clip as of publication time has racked up 840,000 views and counting.

In the video, a placid-looking toad by the name of Tubby can be seen initially sitting stock still with a Stetson-style cowboy hat strapped around his head. Tubby, it should be noted, has no issue with the choice of head wear. In fact, he kind of pulls the cowboy look off with aplomb.

But, as any fan of a good Western knows, no cowboy is complete without his trusting steed. In the case of Tubby, that comes in the person or turtle as it were of Sergio, who, as the footage shows, appears only too happy to ferry his frog-like friend around the room.

The result is a 17-second clip that’s probably about as close as most of us are ever going to get to a toad rodeo, or “toadeo” as one user, posting as Code_E42, put it.

Viewers on social media certainly appeared enamored at the adventures of Tubby and Sergio, with many flocking to the comments section on the video to share their positive sentiments on the pair.

Luna Kat loved “all the little legs” while Molly Henderson couldn’t resist a pun on Sergio’s species, writing: “he’s becoming a real shell-lebrity!!” Heather Katz Lawles, meanwhile, evidently got a real buzz out of seeing the video, declaring: “this is the best thing I’ve seen all day.”

Richardtingleo spoke for many, writing: “I’ve seen it all now” with skookfnp adamant: “This is what TikTok was made for.” The good vibes continued with Jac Vanek who said: “Wow this is my heaven” while Em Soppitt commented: “I needed this today thank you.” Cocainecarl01 added: “literally nothing has brought me such a rush of serotonin in my life.”

Newsweek has contacted kenny_james16 for comment.

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Tubby the toad and Sergio the turtle.
Tubby the toad and Sergio the turtle – the unlikely duo’s antics have brought smiles to the faces of millions. Kenny_james16

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