In Australia, a gigantic python climbed a tree and swallowed a giant bat in a farmer’s garden, surprising everybody

The 3m long python is hanging from a tree branch and trying to swallow the giant bat.

By the time the Australian couple discovered it, the python had swallowed most of the bat, leaving only the long black wings. But more than 30 minutes later, the python was able to swallow the entire prey in its stomach.

The python enjoys its food perched in the tree.

“We were filming at a distance of just 20cm, but the python was not scared,” said Mille Stoevring. “It was an incredible sight.

The python hangs its body upright on a tree branch after eating.

Ms Stoevring said that when it had finished swallowing its prey, the python hung its body upright on a tree branch with its abdomen half-blown. It then slowly slithered into the bushes to rest.

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