In order for father to hold them both in his lap, mother carries her small puppy on her muzzle.

Mel is a beautiful poodle dog who, after becoming a mother , not only gave the greatest lesson in love to her tiny puppy, but also showed how much she adores her human dad, and trusts him above all things.

Mel is 2 and a half years old and is the most loving mother in the world

Luiz Fagundes Mesquita , a man who lives in Lavras, Minas Gerais, in Brazil , was stunned by the tremendous act of trust that his dog had with him.

On March 6, the new mother had given birth to two beautiful babies. Sadly, one of her little ones was born very sick and ended up crossing the rainbow.

So the devoted little dog cared with her heart and soul to care for and safeguard the only puppy she had left.

One day, his owner was sitting on the sofa when he saw the determined mother with something in her muzzle. To tell the truth, in the distance you couldn’t make out very well what it was, and the man was scared to think that it was some dead prey.

But seconds later, Vanessa, Luiz’s wife, took out the camera and fortunately managed to record the scenes that in a few hours have melted thousands of hearts around the world.

Mel was carrying nothing less than her own baby in her mouth. Apparently, the love she feels for Luiz is such that she did not hesitate to entrust him with what he loved the most .

And not only that, she actually wanted me to hold her baby, but also to caress them both.

It was as if Mel didn’t want to forget that she was also a puppy before becoming a mother, and that she still appreciated being pampered as much or more than her baby.

The video, which exudes tenderness and infinite love, was shared on TikTok and accumulates thousands of comments online:


♬ original sound – Luiz Fagundes Mesquita

“I have an eternal love relationship with her,” revealed her owner.

In the scenes you can see the little mother carrying the puppy with exquisite care.

When he finally reaches the sofa, he offers it to his father in an infinite gesture of trust so that he can take it in his arms.

Its owner, totally in love and surprised, takes the little one. But immediately, Mel jumps at the chance and snuggles up with her baby on Daddy’s lap as well.

“I felt joy when he brought me the puppy. I think he wanted to be close to me, but he also didn’t want to be far from the pup,” Luiz said.


♬ original sound – Luiz Fagundes Mesquita

The comments from excited netizens do not stop. Some even revealed their own stories, reflecting how wonderful, sweet and cuddly little animals can be, especially mothers.

“Dad, I bring you your grandson, can you help me take care of him for a while?” wrote one person. “Now grandfather, take care of your grandson, it’s your turn,” another joked. “My eye watered… What a nice video, God always bless the owners of this dog.” 

“Oh my God, what a beautiful mother! She brings her greatest treasure to her grandfather to show her love and trust, it is the most tender and sweet thing I have ever seen in my life,” said another moved woman .

“That’s how my dog did to me, she took them all to me and then she went and lay down in her little basket to take a good nap, it was as if she told me: Take care of your grandchildren while I sleep for a little while, I’m exhausted,” said another . owner of a dog

Definitely, these great gestures demonstrate the infinite devotion and capacity for love that an animal mother can feel towards her human. So much so that she can put him at the level of love for the fruit of her womb: her baby. We don’t deserve dogs!

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