In the midst of mass, a boisterous dog tears the priest’s clothing to pieces, but he accepts his forgiveness.

The innocence of animals is so great that they do not know about protocols or labels, simply because their love goes beyond all limits, invading any space of fidelity and dedication. As demonstrated by a beautiful puppy in a church in Brazil.

Zeus is a cute and mischievous puppy who lives with his human, the priest Petrônio de Miranda, in the Angra dos Reis region. It was he himself who arrived unexpectedly at the facilities of the Carmo Convent , conquering the hearts of all with his singular personality.

“Zeus became a symbol of hope, love and goodness, so that he can bring good news at this time of such a difficult pandemic,” says the priest.

The charisma of the furry boy also conquered the Internet when the priest shared the moment when, while he is giving mass, the canine does not stop biting his ecclesiastical vestments and does everything possible to capture his attention.

In addition, the canine is so mischievous that he always ends up destroying his clothes and his human has no choice but to use them in such a way when giving mass.

Images and videos showing the canine doing mischief, following the priest around and refusing to stop even in the presence of religious images, quickly went viral.

In the photographs and recordings, Zeus can be seen lying on the ground, in front of the priest ; jumping over and over again so that he sees it again and does not stop filling it with the pampering that he likes so much.

Zeus has become a sensation on social networks

Despite all his occurrences, this priest could never get angry with that beautiful furry boy who chose him to take care of him and make people smile with his incredible personality. That is why he allows her to accompany him at every mass, a moment that people take advantage of to meet him.

«When I talk about Zeus, I usually say that he is the most Catholic pagan god on the internet, the priest’s dog. People come here to the church, in the convent, to meet Zeus,” the priest commented.

In addition to bringing joy wherever he goes, Zeus has also made the charity drives run by the convent more successful than ever. In this way, the church has been able to help the most needy people.

“We managed to collect more than six thousand basic baskets for the poor,” said the priest.

In addition to destroying his human’s clothes, this little dog has a great hobby: playing with the many children who come to church with their parents to receive mass. It is innocence that unites them and makes them live the best moments.

Every day is quite an adventure for Zeus, but his greatest quality is having the gift of getting thousands of people to do good for those who need it most.

Share this touching story with all your friends and remember that there are hundreds of fascinating puppies like Zeus on the streets, waiting for a home.

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