Incredible Rescue: Doctors Do CPR to Save Mother Elephant While Watching Calf

In a daring display of bravery and compassion, veterinarians saved a distressed mother elephant’s life through CPR while her anxious calf watched.

This extraordinary event unfolded in Nakhon Nayok, central Thailand, during heavy rain that led the elephants to fall into a deep concrete drain.

The accident happened during a storm, making the ground slippery and causing the elephants to slip into the seven-foot-deep hole.

The torrential monsoon rains hampered rescue operations, but a team of veterinarians and park rangers utilized a cherry picker to carefully lift the elephants out of the drain.

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As the team attempted to rescue the mother, she accidentally hit her head and lost consciousness, complicating the situation further.

The rescuers had to act cautiously to avoid provoking the nearby 30-elephant herd while trying to revive her.

The veterinarians quickly devised a plan. They jumped on her chest to stimulate her heart and bring her back to consciousness. Meanwhile, her one-year-old calf stayed close, observing the humans’ efforts.

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Dr. Chananya Kanchanasarak, the lead national park veterinarian, explained, “We couldn’t approach the baby with the mother nearby, so we tranquilized her, but she moved towards her baby before passing out and hit her head.” Thanks to the relentless efforts of the veterinarians, the mother eventually regained consciousness.

Throughout the three-hour rescue operation, the calf, unable to escape the drain due to the rain, found comfort in suckling milk while waiting for her mother to wake up.

The veterinarians carefully lifted the mother out of the ditch using a crane, avoiding further injuries. Once on solid ground, the team immediately began performing CPR to ensure her recovery.

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The mother was successfully revived and reunited with her calf, much to the relief and joy of the rescuers.

The heartwarming sight of the mother and calf disappearing back into the forest brought tears to the eyes of the rangers and veterinarians involved.

Dr. Chananya expressed her gratitude, saying, “Despite the challenges, the mother never left her baby’s side.

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This rescue will be one of our most memorable.” She confirmed that both elephants were safe and thanked everyone involved for their hard work.

This incredible rescue highlights the importance of protecting these majestic creatures. With about 4,000 elephants in Thailand, half of which are in captivity, such incidents emphasize the need for continued conservation efforts.

The veterinarians’ and park rangers’ heroic actions have inspired many and demonstrated the power of human compassion in protecting wildlife.

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