Internet Users Horrified by Mysterious Creature with Muddy Pink Body Resembling

The special moment when a diamond python swooped down from the roof and devoured a giant possum was captured by the photographer. According to the Daily Mail, snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was invited to catch a large python at a house in Mooloolaba, north of Brisbane, Australia this morning (May 13). {keywords} Upon arrival, McKenzie found the python dropping from the trough and had swallowed half of the kangaroo. McKenzie shared photos and said, the long-tailed possum is a multi-adult. “The python is about 2m long and it took almost an hour to eat all of its prey. It’s amazing that it can still eat such large prey alive and eat it upside down.” {keywords} One Facebook user also agreed with McKenzi: “It’s amazing how it can hang from the gutter with such a special weight in its mouth. {keywords} It is known that a possum can be up to 1m long while the diamond python can be up to 3m long. The diamond python is not harmful to humans, but it usually eats rats, kangaroos and sometimes family pets.



Humungous Python Captured Eating Possum In Australian Backyard


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