Ironman actor Robert Downey admits that he now cannot survive without the animals he saved.

The renowned actor Robert Downey, who represents Ironman in the Marvel saga, has shown his most altruistic side by demonstrating his tender and true love for animals.

The superhero captivated his followers by revealing his most human side by showing how he treats the pets he rescued.

Robert also portrayed the famous Doctor Dolittle, a veterinary doctor who managed to talk to animals.

For him it will not have been a difficult role at all, since the subject of conversing with them in his daily life is not fiction, since several rescued animals of various species live in his house in Malibu .

Downey and his wife Susan rescued two cats that from the very beginning became a member of their family.

Monty and D’Artagnan are the names of the two cats that were welcomed by the famous Hollywood actor.

The Ironman actor confessed that he cannot conceive of his life without the animals he has rescued

In 2017, he rescued Moly, a black cat who needed a chance at a warm home where he was offered protection and love, after facing a harsh past.

Moly is nice and friendly, he has always been pleased to have the affection of his family who loves him so much.

Regarding D’Artagnan, Susan commented that he is a cat that is sometimes difficult to understand, so it is difficult for them to know if he is happy or in a bad mood.

They describe him as a very sleepy cat , who happily interacts with the rest of the pets in the house, despite his particular character.

Robert confessed that he initially refused to adopt rescued animals because he was very sad about the situation they were facing, but he could not resist taking them in forever.

Now he assures that he could not live without them.

In addition to cats and dogs, there are alpacas in the Downey home, who have taken them in after hard pasts and live as pampered pets.

The actor’s mansion has several large green areas in which the animals enjoy just as if they were in their natural habitat.

The house has given a lot to talk about because it was built with a theme of sustainable architecture, where goats, chickens, pigs and even cows live together.

Robert Downey announced that he has adopted a plant-based diet after becoming aware of the unfair treatment of animals.

During the premiere of the movie Dolittle, he expressed his admiration for his wife’s talent as a producer and commented:

“She’s the most amazing creative producer in movie history, and I make faces for money and chicken, but no, I do n’t eat chicken anymore now . I am embracing a plant-based diet,” she said.

The actor created the foundation called The Footprint Coalition, with the aim of merging robotics and nanotechnology to clean up the planet.

Your decision to adopt a vegan diet will contribute to this end because the livestock industry is one of the industries that generates the most plastic waste in the oceans and promotes climate change.

Actress Ruby Rose , who portrayed Batwoman in DC’s Arrowverse, is also in favor of standing up for the planet and animals.

She got on board with the trend of adopting a vegan lifestyle when she learned about the unfair treatment suffered by the animals we eat.

“I often ate something called ‘shark fin soup’ and I didn’t know. I asked my mom if that was made with a real shark fin and she said, ‘Oh no, honey, of course not.’ After finding out that it was, I became very sad, I cried for three weeks.

It seemed even worse to me that they only cut off the fins of the sharks and that they are there without being able to move. That really scared me, I used to have nightmares that they were in the ocean without fins and I couldn’t eat any fish anymore.”

The followers of Robert Downey and all the real-life heroes who join the fight for the defense of animals and our planet, applaud their initiatives that inspire others to work for the same cause.

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