It is impossible to rescue the elderly elephant’s body from underneath the party outfit.

She was so emaciated and stunted that at the age of 70, her ribs could be seen through her skin. Her bony body was the epitome of all suffering and cruel treatment for years after being forced to march to hide her shocking condition under opulent party attire, at a religious event.

Tikiiri is the name of this innocent old lady who, along with 60 elephants, will parade for the Perahera Festival in Sri Lanka this year.

For his “caretakers” not even his unfortunate state is cause to forgive him and he will have to once again be part of the “show” at a Buddhist festival.

The 10-day event features pachyderms awash with lights and decorations alongside a shower of performers, including dancers, jugglers, lifeguards and musicians.

The heartbreaking images of Tikiiri were released by the ” Save Elephant ” Foundation, on the occasion of World Elephant Day, last Monday.

In a matter of minutes the reaction of the networks has not been long in coming. Tears of pain and impotence have flowed from hundreds of people who, with a minimum of sensitivity, cannot continue to tolerate this supine wickedness.

That is why a petition has been raised on in order to collect signatures to ask the Government to stop this now. You can find out about its content and also sign here .

It is heartbreaking that while Tikiiri looks majestic to please her audience, the most shocking reality is hidden underneath.

“No one sees his bony body or his weakened condition due to his disguise. No one sees the tears in her eyes, hurt by the bright lights that decorate her mask. No one sees her difficulty in walking, since his legs are chained while he walks,” the petition read.

“ He joins the parade every night until the wee hours of the morning, for 10 consecutive days, amid the noise, fireworks and smoke. He walks many kilometers every night so that people feel blessed during the ceremony , ” the text continues.

But Lek Chailert, director of the Save Elephant Foundation, invited us to reflect on the biggest inconsistency:

“Everyone has the right to believe as long as that belief does not disturb or harm another. How can we call this a blessing, or something sacred, if we make other lives suffer? ”, She sentenced.

A spokesperson for the foundation implored everyone reading his statement to write to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka to end this cruelty once and for all.

So far, the petition has accumulated nearly 6,500 signatures.

“We cannot bring about a peaceful world for elephants if we still believe that this image is acceptable,” they concluded.

We cannot allow these kinds of crimes to continue in the 21st century. Let’s share this news so it reaches every corner and among all of us, we add our sand by going up. voice for those who don’t have it. Had enough!

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