Loaded with Super Cargo!! Introducing the World’s Largest Transport Ship (Video)

“Loaded with Super Cargo!! Introducing the World’s Largest Transport Ship”

In the world of maritime transportation, size matters, and the new vessel that has recently joined the global fleet is making waves. The massive cargo carrier, named “Pengangkut Terbesar,” has set a new record for size, dwarfing all its competitors in the industry. With a length of 400 meters, a width of 60 meters, and a height of 30 meters, the ship can carry a mind-boggling 20,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) of cargo in a single trip. That’s equivalent to 1.5 million washing machines or 50 million pairs of shoes!

Built by a consortium of world-leading shipbuilders and engineers, the Pengangkut Terbesar features the latest advancements in maritime technology and engineering. The ship’s massive size requires a specially designed propulsion system, which includes six massive diesel engines and a set of high-tech propellers that can generate up to 100,000 horsepower. The ship can cruise at a speed of 24 knots, making it one of the fastest cargo ships in the world.

The Pengangkut Terbesar’s immense size and power make it an ideal choice for transporting large and heavy cargo, such as oil rigs, airplanes, and even other ships. The ship’s unique design also allows for efficient loading and unloading of cargo, reducing the time and cost of handling operations.

The global shipping industry is constantly evolving, and the introduction of the Pengangkut Terbesar marks a new milestone in the industry’s history. The ship’s size, power, and efficiency will enable businesses around the world to transport goods faster, cheaper, and more reliably than ever before.”


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