“Lost Boston Terrier Looking for a Home After a Tough Encounter”

A Boston Terrier who encountered in a very prickly situation in Blackfoot, Idaho recently is looking for a new home. The Blackfoot Animal Shelter posted photos on Facebook of the dog they named Winnie after a Good Samaritan found her covered in porcupine quills on March 1st.

Winnie appears to have had a very rough encounter with the quill-covered wild animal because her face was riddled with painful quills.

Thankfully, she was brought to the shelter for care. Shelter staff shared pictures of the poor dog on Facebook and wrote, “We post every animal that comes to our shelter in the hopes that an owner may claim them. Also to educate the public this is what can happen when your dogs are not contained when they are let to just run loose.”

Blackfoot Animal Shelter

The staff continued that Winnie was treated and “is recovering.” It’s a good thing she was found when she was because quills can cause serious infection and Winnie needed to be sedated in order to properly remove the quills.

Blackfoot Animal Shelter

The little dog had to have some stitches and is “probably a little traumatized” but shelter staff made sure that their shelter cat Donnie came over to give her some comfort. The shelter wrote, “Our shelter cat Donnie is making sure that she is well taken care of.”

Blackfoot Animal Shelter

Amanda Cevering, director of Blackfoot Animal Shelter, later told EastIdahoNews.com that Winnie isn’t quite out of the woods yet and that she may go blind in one eye. She advises that dog owners keep an eye on their dogs “because they will go get into trouble.”

Blackfoot Animal Shelter

Winnie is looking a lot better a week after her rescue and is now up for adoption and the shelter posted a note that Winnie is approximately 3 years old and they are now accepting applications for her adoption until March 13th.

They also have many other animals in need of homes. Visit blackfootanimalshelter.com for details.

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