Luno, the helpless puppy kept in the airport and asked to be sacrificed by some

Luno is an absolutely healthy puppy , for whom flying by plane with his owner from Costa Rica to Madrid, Spain, has become a real ordeal.

The Ministry of Agriculture and the General Subdirectorate of Sanitary Agreements and Border Control, prohibited the puppy from entering Spain without considering the “alternatives provided in the European Regulation for the transport of companion animals.”

With his health card up to date, but without having a microchip (a requirement in Spain, but not in Costa Rica), the puppy has been held at the Barajas airport since March 14.

Luno has been in a sad cage for 12 days separated from its owner, as if it were a prohibited merchandise

The authorities of the Customs of the Barajas airport, in Madrid, decided to retain the puppy in a cage, denying it entry into Spanish territory, as well as seeing its owner.

The woman presented the negative Luno anti-rabies test , but not the microchip, since in Costa Rica it is not a mandatory document.

So in Customs they question whether this test really belongs to the animal , despite the fact that the document contains all the descriptive data of the white mixed-race dog.

The point is that this unfair retention of Luno as if it were a thing is making the dog suffer a lot.

And of course its owner, who is filled with fear and powerlessness before the “incomprehensible” laws in a foreign country, fears losing her beloved pet forever.

Fortunately, the legal team of the PACMA Animalist Party , together with the legal services of AGERAA (Association for the Ethical and Responsible Management of Abandoned Animals), have become directly involved in the case, to intercede with the authorities and achieve a solution.

The dilemma is based on the fact that “due to an error in boarding in the country of origin and serious ignorance on the part of its owner, the dog left without the microchip required in the country of destination.”

However, current regulations establish that “possible incidents in the arrival of animals in Spain can be corrected in view of the Fundamental Principle of Animal Welfare”, declares PACMA.

In addition, the animalist party pointed out that the authorities proposed as the first action the unprecedented measure of SACRIFICE Luno. But later, thanks to so much mediation, they decided to reissue him, that is, to deport him.

“Both things are a real nonsense,” sentenced PACMA, on their social networks.

And they also explain why:

«The owner of the dog Luno is not in suitable physical conditions to travel, in addition to the fact that in Costa Rica there is no one who can receive it. Reshipment is not a viable solution, let alone the slaughter of a healthy animal.”

When the woman was notified that her puppy could be euthanized, she burst into tears.

The owner of Luno is a Spanish and community citizen, with which to return with her dog would mean that she renounces all her rights and that she is also deported.

PACMA called on all those responsible for animals, “to be serious, committed and responsible when they intend to travel with their animals”.

But, once the animal arrives in Spain, “it is the obligation of the authorities to resolve these situations where SENTIENT BEINGS are affected, in light of the new Civil Code, which requires that animals be treated as what they are: endowed with sensitivity and not as things or a simple load on an air flight , “ they emphasize.

“We urge the Ministry of Agriculture to intervene to avoid fatal outcomes that result in totally unnecessary suffering for animals and their families.”

Sadly, Luno is embroiled in a terrible legal dilemma, he is the victim most affected, through no fault of his own.

It is a “lack of control in the country of origin, the ignorance of the owner of Luno about the requirements for the entry of animals at our borders, and the little interest of the Spanish authorities in resolving it,” they alleged from PACMA .

PACMA, for its part, proposed that “Luno be given a new rabies test, given the vaccine and kept in the mandatory 21-day quarantine before being delivered to its owner. ”

They even offered to keep the puppy in quarantine at the AGERAA facilities, but the truth is that to date, they have had no response.

“Everything is due to lack of will,” they sentence.

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