Miracle of Life: Ndara Celebrates Baby Neptune’s Arrival, a Win for Elephants Who Are Orphaned

In a heartwarming announcement, Ndara, once an orphaned elephant, joyfully welcomed her firstborn son, affectionately named “Neptune” by the caretakers at the Voi Reintegration Unit.

The delightful news unfolded on March 4, 2017, as keepers observed a special gathering near the unit.

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The attendees were wild-born babies Eve, Emma, Safi, Eden, and Thor, accompanied by their mothers and a few female ex-orphans from Emily’s herd.

To their delight, it was revealed that Ndara had successfully given birth to a baby boy.

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Amid the excitement, Emily’s second-born calf, Emma, was fascinated with Neptune.

The tiny trunk of the newborn touched Emma, creating a heartwarming bond between the two.

This joyous occasion marked a significant milestone in Ndara’s journey as a mother, bringing happiness to everyone at the reintegration unit.

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Mweya seemed to take on the role of the unofficial caretaker for Neptune, making the count of wild-born babies within our Ex Orphans an impressive 25 – a testament to the success of the Orphans Project.

Ndara’s journey has been remarkable. Rescued from poaching, she overcame three poisoned arrows and months of intensive care.

Her resilience and the support from the Orphans Project gave her a second chance at life.

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Despite the challenges, Ndara rejoined Emily’s herd, and on the day she embraced motherhood, the memories of her complicated past only added to the significance of the moment.

Neptune’s arrival holds immense value for those who witnessed Ndara’s journey and supported her twice.

Ndara, now a proud and caring mother, is accompanied by devoted nannies – her lifelong companions and fellow orphans who wholeheartedly support her in nurturing Neptune, a precious bundle of joy relying on her every step.

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The day marks not only the birth of a baby elephant but also a triumph for orphaned elephants and the dedicated efforts to give them a second chance at life.

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