Mother’s Challenges: The Exciting Pregnancy and Postpartum Experiences of a Mother of Quadruplets

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After giving birth to her first child four years ago, Lindsay Hay, 28, suffered multiple miscarriages.

So it came as a shock to her and her husband, Syman Hay, when last year’s ultrasound revealed that they were going to have quadruplets.


The couple couldn’t believe their eyes. Their wish to have another child had finally come true, but they never thought they’d be lucky enough to have four more!

The doctors explained to Lindsay that her miscarriages were due to the poor quality of her eggs, and put her on a hormone treatment called Follistim. During the third cycle of treatment, she conceived the quadruplets.

Lindsay and Syman were thrilled, but some of her doctors were not so thrilled.


At the time, Lindsay was 1.80 m tall and weighed around 90 kg, and the doctors doubted that her small body could handle a pregnancy of such magnitude.

They said it could be dangerous for her and the babies. Her reproductive endocrinologists also suggested she consider selective pregnancy reduction.

But Lindsay was confident and chose to keep them all. Finally, on July 23, 2019, she welcomed her four children, Caiden Michael, Madison Grace, Lucas Willam, and Grayson James, into the world!


All four required respiratory assistance when they were born by C-section at 30 weeks and 4 days.

The quadruplets stayed in the NICU for 45 days, which Lindsay described as carefree and “uneventful”, as they were all “in great shape”.

Last month, Lindsay, who is also an online influencer, shared side-by-side photos that impressed her 236,000 followers on Instagram.

One was a mirror selfie showing off her huge baby bump during her third trimester of pregnancy, and the other was a shot of her holding her quadruplets.


“IN & OUT DAY! I carried these adorable babies for 30 weeks and 4 days inside and here they are at 30 weeks and 4 days out,” began the caption to her post. “Hands full, heart full is an understatement!

The photo on the left was taken over the summer, and Lindsay remembers how uncomfortable she felt at the time.

It was almost impossible for her to stand, but she was grateful to have made it this far in her pregnancy. Looking at her photos, all she could think was, “My little body did this!


Lindsay’s body has undergone enormous changes as a result of pregnancy, and this incredible experience has revealed “strengths” she didn’t even suspect.

“Behind these babies are new marks, bulges, and skin that you can’t see, but they also came with new strengths that I didn’t have before either.

We have been so blessed and I will never again let myself take this life for granted,” she concludes.


Lindsay says that, contrary to what reality TV shows, life with multiple children is easier than it looks. But, of course, it comes with its difficulties.

The mother of five says she’s always on the go and doesn’t sleep very well anymore, but the media tends to make the situation seem more dramatic than it is.

Here’s their latest UPDATE PHOTO posted on Instagram:


With five wonderful children, we can only imagine the overwhelming amount of joy

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