Move the machine up to 3,000 tons and go 100km and the results are beyond expectations (video)

In the heart of Queensland, one of the largest mining companies in Australia needed to move a massive 3,000-ton Dragline from one coal mine to another 100km away. This was an extremely difficult task because moving a giant machine for a long distance would cause the equipment to wear out. In addition, the construction of the rail system is also a big problem that is not easy to solve.

To solve this conundrum, the mining company decided to partner with Mammoet – a private Dutch company specializing in the design of lifting and transporting heavy and oversized objects. Mammoet uses Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs), a self-propelled modular transport vehicle with large wheels to provide safe and efficient solutions for lifting and moving or loading and unloading 3,000 heavy machinery. ton.

A self-propelled modular transport vehicle (SPMTs) by Mammoet. Photo: Youtube.

Previously, in 2013, Mammoet moved an entire Dragline 27 crawler excavator on SPMTs in just 12 days, much faster than the expected 30 days.

Before moving the 3,000-ton machine, the engineers surveyed the difficulties on the way, including the slope, the wear of the road (accounting for 10% of the distance), the obstruction of 3 rails and two highways, 7 rivers and valleys.

The hydraulic machine climbing jack is used to lift the machine. Photo: Youtube.

Mammoet used a 12×600 ton (climbing jack) machine to lift the giant 3,000 ton chain bucket machine to a height of 2.5 m. Then, put below the SPMT system including 140 axles to be able to move the whole machine.

Mammoet made the 3,000-ton machine move at a speed of 3km/day safely to its destination, and surprisingly, in half the time it was expected to be 50 days.

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