Mutant two-headed turtle discovered on a beach in South Carolina

According to experts, the turtle will not be able to live as long as the natural tortoise, because the survival probability of the mutant animal is quite low.

Two-headed mutant turtle found on the beach. Photo: CNN

Recently, volunteers patrolling a beach in South Carolina (USA) came across a baby sea turtle with two heads while conducting a routine inspection of sea turtle nests.

A representative of the patrol group said that they started digging the turtle nests about 3-5 days after the eggs began to hatch. This helps them capture the number of eggs hatching, and promptly support the stuck young, unable to swim to the sea.

In this particular case, they found a two-headed sea turtle and two other turtles alive in the nest.

According to an expert from South Carolina State Park, young two-headed turtles are most likely the result of a genetic mutation from when they were in the egg.

This person also said that there have been many other two-headed turtles found in South Carolina waters over the years, but this is the first time the patrol has found this individual in the area in the Edisto marine park.

After the group took some photos, they released all three turtles back into the sea. However, according to experts, the turtle will not be able to live as long as the natural tortoise, because the survival probability of the mutant animal is quite low.

According to the World Marine Organization, sea turtles can lay eggs all year round, but mainly in the summer. But it’s important to keep their nests safe.

This is because when the nest is disturbed, the chance of survival of the young turtles is only 25% or less.

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