Navigating the Image Debate of a 16-Year-Old and Aesthetics.

Despite this, the boy has a greater and better ambition.

He is dreaming big and aiming higher.

He is looking forward to becoming a professional doctor.

He knows our new friend, Shadrach, right?

I’m fine, thank you, fine.

What is your name?

My name is the mother of this 16 year old boy.

The boy’s name is Shadrach.

She shares with us more of that day to day life, starting with her side.

She says that when she was old enough to marry, she met Amman and they fell in love with her.

They then got married and began another life journey together.

She says things didn’t go as she expected at first because she went three years without having a child.

Many people, even those close to her, began to blame her and tell her that they knew she was infertile.

Why even get married?

They told the mother that she began to have depression after losing hope.

After three hours she became pregnant.

She now felt happy.

She thought it was over, but to her disappointment, she had this disabled son.

It had to be a blessing, but it turned out to be worse than she thought.

Worse still, they decided to scare her away.

They said that for them having a disabled baby is taboo and that they cannot stand living with the person who gives birth to those children.

She wondered where she was going to live and how she was going to live the rest of her life.

She left and started living with her boy and of course, since I arrived here life and everything is difficult.

He is struggling with life and with his little one.

The mother says the child was born disabled, but she did not see him.

Immediately after giving birth, she realized that her baby had been born disabled.

After two weeks, the last one, she noticed something was wrong.

The child’s bones break like glasses and to this day the child’s bones are not strong.

The mother began taking him to different hospitals, but it seems that the doctors never had much to help, leaving the child with this disability.

The brave mother continued to fight with life and the child grew up.

It was time for him to go to school.

God made ours, and the mother managed to take him to a school capable of teaching disabled children.

The mother had tried with a small amount of money, but then the unexpected happened.

The boy’s condition worsened and he felt such unimaginable pain that he could not allow himself to calm down and concentrate on the lessons, but instead continue shouting and screaming all day.

This forced the teachers to let the mother take the child home, and now the child no longer goes to school.

The dream is to become a professional doctor who can treat other disabled children and he has a special message for parents who fathered children like him.

As long as he can see it, he needs money for treatment, which is the main reason why he doesn’t go to school.

You can help shadrach by contributing to the Gofundme campaigns link found in the description and pinned in the top comments.

There is nothing for us without us.

Thanks for watching.

I’m Elijah and this is afromax english.

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