Network shock over the calf that was born with a face like a human

Nature can keep us countless surprises, many are about new lives that make us fall in love completely, or behaviors and reactions of animals that give us real life lessons.

But on certain occasions, certain phenomena of great rarity can occur that shake us, especially because beyond the astonishment that they cause us, we know that the manipulating hand of the human being that alters the usual course of the natural order has a lot to do with everything. .

Just like the birth of an extremely rare calf.

The event took place in a small town of Villa Ana, in the Argentine department of General Obligado, Santa Fe. The farmer who witnessed such a rarity did not hesitate to capture images and a video that was shared on social networks, since he could not get out of his astonishment.

The calf was born with a human-like face and it is truly impressive.

Since it was published on the networks, Internet users have not stopped sharing the video and commenting on it, since the calf’s face indeed resembles such a human being that it impresses.

“This is a little calf that was born the same as a human… But look at his face!”, the owner of the animal can be heard who cannot believe what he sees.

The arrangement of the eyes and the shape of the muzzle make the calf’s face undoubtedly compared to that of a human. The little animal was born last Thursday in a field located in the La Reserva area, almost 500 kilometers from the provincial capital.

The specialists explained to the local media that the calf was born like this due to a cranial malformation, which is why it only lived a few hours.

The case shocked the community so much that a flood of neighbors approached the area to see with their own eyes the rarity of the animal’s face and captured various images that went viral on the networks.

The geneticist Nicolás Magnano explained that the animal may have suffered “a genetic mutation.”

«This makes an animal look different from the breed, like the calf that made the news because many see the face of a man. The mutation of some genes produces a malformation to which we find a resemblance to something else, “he specified.

Regarding the origin of this mutation, he said that it is something that occurs spontaneously or through the action of mutagens, which are physical, chemical or biological agents that alter or change genetic information.

It is unfortunate that due to man’s intervention in nature we have to witness this type of phenomenon, which ends up preventing life from developing. He shares to raise awareness and remember that nature deserves to be respected.

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