Notable record: Despite weighing 272 kg, the American supermodel mother broke all expectations by giving birth to a 7 kilogram baby, setting a world record

Worldnewsdailyreport reported on the case of a woman weighing 300kg giving birth to a baby weighing 18kg
However, the images illustrating the article are taken from another case.

This special case not only surprises but also makes people extremely curious and suspicious about the authenticity of the information.

Immediately after that, a series of netizens got involved and found a lot of evidence to confirm that this was just a fabricated story, completely untrue. Accordingly, the photos of the baby used to illustrate the above special story are actually the baby born in 2005 to a Russian mother, living in Siberia. The baby’s name is Nadia. And although according to information from the Worldnewsdailyreport website, the baby weighs up to 18kg, in reality the baby only weighs 7.6kg (still much larger than other normal newborn babies).

Regarding the photo depicting the mother weighing 300kg, it is actually a photo of an obese woman in Houston being taken to a medical facility for treatment.

The photo of the 300kg mother is also fake.

This evidence confirms that the information about the world’s heaviest baby born to a 300kg mother is completely untrue. Other reports also say that the Worldnewsdailyreport news site is also a fake news website, constantly posting bogus articles to attract readers

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