“Nothing is impossible”: Witness the young Olympic athlete’s indomitable spirit burn endlessly and receive much admiration when winning a medal

How often do we plan to engage in sports, but then we find a million excuses, often citing busyness and so on? However, little Paige from Ohio is proving to the world that there’s nothing impossible when there’s determination.

The girl was born without both legs. She never let herself get discouraged by this; instead, she tried to prove to everyone around her that she’s just like everyone else.

One day, Paige saw sports gymnastics compeтιтions on television and literally fell in love with this sport.

She asked her parents to enroll her in these classes, and they agreed. After her first session, the girl was so inspired that she couldn’t imagine life without gymnastics.

Over time, she started achieving such excellent results that she was selected for the Ohio gymnastics team, all while being just an 8-year-old child.

In addition to all of this, Paige also enjoys archery and cheerleading.

Even though she’s still a very young child, she already envisions participating in the Paralympics in the future.

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