oссᴜріed: A man discovered a “flying saucer” there in Russia (VIDEO)

UFO-like object discovered in coal mine NRussian state media claims mysterious UFO-shaped object was discovered at a coal mine in Belovo, Kemerovo. According to Russia Today, the UFO has a size of 1.2m  and weighs about 200kg.

The article also interviewed a man who helped discover the “UFO”.

“The excavator driver told me that he had just found a strange object on the coal surface. I went to the coal pit and saw the thing. At first, I thought it was a shield. However, after digging it up, it looks like a UFO,” said the man.ga

the man who helped discover the “UFO”.

Scott Waring,  UFO expert and conspiracy theorist believes that what was found was an alien flying saucer  (UFO). “Small UFOs such as these could  be used for reconnaissance missions to ensure the safety of larger ships,” declared Mr. Waring.

However, some people believe that UFOs are in fact man-made. “Someone saw a UFO in the sky and they could have made a copy of that UFO,” one person commented.

Video :

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