On the same day, a kitten and a young puppy who are about to cross the rainbow arrive at the shelter.

The lives of a tiny kitten and a tiny puppy intersected at a shelter when they arrived on the same day, with the most uncertain fate. But what happened between the two afterwards is the most moving thing to see.

They met in the midst of pain. His story narrates an episode that leaves an indelible mark about the meaning of finding someone who comes into your life; and without expecting it, it becomes a healing balm for that terrible anguish of feeling adrift and having no one in this world.

The kitten and the puppy arrived the same day at the shelter about to cross the rainbow bridge

The two animals arrived on the same day under different circumstances , and were received at the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center in Virginia, United States.

Chicky the kitten had been found abandoned on the street, luckily his condition was healthy.

It was not the same for the puppy. The poor little guy had been admitted earlier thanks to a person who was visibly shocked crying with sadness for this little being that he found in poor condition.

” He was dying and needed urgent help,” according to Huffman, director of the shelter.

The puppy’s condition was really serious.

The poor thing was unconscious, glucose levels and body temperature were so low that they couldn’t register. Even after giving him the first treatment, he did not react, to the point that he spent several hours with his eyes closed, unable to even lift his head.

A shelter volunteer took the pup home to watch over him overnight, and although he started to react, he took care of him the second night as well.

All the time he demanded constant attention and affection.

Here you have a video summary of this impressive story of survival thanks to love:

“He could be complaining non-stop to the point that he always had to be accompanied, he just remained calm in someone’s lap, this was a bit complicated to be able to attend to all the incidents in a full shelter.”

Meanwhile, Chicky, although healthy, also began to express great sadness at feeling alone in his space and cried. The staff was exhausted and nothing seemed to work until they came up with the idea to put them together to see what would happen.

The reaction of the pair as soon as they were put together in their little bed left everyone crying

“It was incredible, it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. A match made in heaven!” Huffman said. “Immediately, they started caressing and interacting with each other. And from that moment it has been like that, they are inseparable!

The only thing that each one asked to calm their fear and the sadness of feeling abandoned, was to know that they had the protection and security of having someone, who was always by their side.

What the shelter staff did to reassure them resulted in a small gesture that made all the difference, the way this kitten and puppy met meant something special, as one helped the other in their recovery.

They no longer worried and their friendship was enough to make them feel good. They are now in a foster home with vet Leti Hansen. They look adorable together and are the best of friends!

The staff at the center are happy to announce that these adorable friends are ready to find a permanent home with a family that is willing to have them together and give them a chance to live happily after their past abandonment.

Seeing this pair is like melting with love!

We wish that soon they will become part of a loving family to grow together enjoying the most beautiful thing that allowed them to move on in life: Friendship! It is incredible that the tiniest creatures give us such enormous lessons in love.

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