One of the rarest and most beautiful species in the world is photographed, and it has ears that many people adore.

It is possible that many people are alarmed when they hear the word ‘mouse’, and why not, if for most people the presence of a mouse or a rat generates a reaction of contempt and panic almost instantly.

These little animals have been with us from the moment man made his appearance in this world, when the Neolithic man guarded his food and crops with his cattle, the rat discovered that together with us he ensured his food.

It is the mammal with the largest ears in the world.

Since then, they have maintained an unfriendly relationship that has led them to conquer, together with man, every corner of the world.

Although these beings are viewed with total contempt and even compared to a parasite, in reality, there is a small species that is far removed from the erroneous concept of mouse that we know.

It was first captured in 2007 by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

It is the jeroba mouse, one of the strangest and most beautiful mammals in the world, with long ears and a very thin tail that lives in the deserts of Mongolia and China.

This beautiful creature is recognizable by its huge ears, even much larger than its head. The team of scientists, willing to film the animal, set up special cameras to learn a little more about its lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this species is classified as endangered by the World Conservation Group’s Red List.

This adorable creature was filmed in the Baillie desert, the images revealed that the jerobas spend most of their time hiding in tunnels under the sand.

When they come out of their hiding place they move by making small jumps, their diet is mainly based on small insects.

They are tiny in size, nocturnal in nature and prefer inhospitable habitats.

Jonathan Baillie was the zoologist in charge of the research. When talking about these fascinating creatures he highlights:

“These creatures hop like kangaroos, they are amazing to watch. The little hairs on their legs, almost like snow shoes, allow them to jump in the sand.”

After this research, scientists hope to learn more about this mysterious little animal and create a plan of action to extend its life on this planet. Unfortunately, its current state is critical and it may disappear much sooner than expected.

The ZSL is carrying out a program called Edge in order to preserve at least 10 endangered species. We hope that they can do something for the preservation of the red-tailed titmouse.

Please share this note in your networks to let everyone know about the rarest and cutest mammal in the world. Let’s be a great network that encourages those who fight for its preservation.

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