Online users were outraged by the “monstrous” pig with a human face.

Photos of a mutant creature believed to be a pig with a human-like face are causing panic in Brazil.

The Brazilian media is extremely bewildered by images of a strange creature in the town of Tapiraípe, Bahia state.

This creature has a pig’s nose and ears but at the same time possesses many human-like features

The pig fetus died shortly after birth, but these rare images were enough to shock Brazil. Many people flock to this farm to see this terrifying creature with their own eyes

The ‘monstrous’ pig is no longer strange to netizens. The frequency of occurrence of mutant pig creatures is increasing

The monkey-faced pig caused a stir among Vietnamese netizens as well as the world

The face is very monkey-like but the other parts (legs, body…) are those of a pig

A series of strange creatures that are said to be pig-elephant hybrids appear a lot in China and even Vietnam

The pig was born with a round head, smooth human-like skin, no hair, a straight back, only ears and legs

These mutant creatures often die soon after birth due to poor health

This pig is considered ‘monstrous’ when there is a soft, round ball in the abdomen that is difficult to explain what this phenomenon is.

A mutant piglet born on a farm in Deshengtang, Jilin province, northern China has two snouts and can use both for food

Another monstrous pig with 1 head, 2 snouts but only 1 eye

In Changtai County, Fujian Province, China, there was also a monstrous black pig with 2 snouts and 1 large eye in the middle of the forehead.

A pig with 3 noses, 3 mouths and a mouth full of teeth makes the village of Ha Nam province want to throw it away because of its monstrous shape

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