Panic in the Neighborhood: A 12-foot-long alley appears in Texas, frightening the locals

A team of US deputies have made a startling arrest in Texas, finding a near-four-metre alligator under a resident’s dual-cab ute.

That’s the message Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office had for a 3.6 metre alligator removed from a Texan neighbourhood Monday morning, according to Constable Mark Herman.

Precinct 4 deputies responded to the 13800 block of North Lake Branch Lane in the Waters Edge subdivision in Atascocita after receiving reports of a large reptile in the middle of the road.

The alligator was safely captured and is now with animal control.

Pictures posted by Herman shows the alligator was found coming out from underneath a truck parked on the street.

Just last week, there was another alligator sighting and capture in a Cinco Ranch subdivision.

That one measured in at 3.4 metres.

A witness in the area took video of the gator being lifted off the ground by a tow truck.

Gator sightings don’t end there.

Two Missouri City residents found alligators on their porches in the past several weeks.

One of those was wrangled single-handedly by a local restaurant owner after he dropped his kids off at school.











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