Photos: The Internet World Is Completely Confused By The Elephant With Two Trunks

The internet often comes up with hilarious quizzes and questions that not only stump you but also make you wonder if in reality, there was such a moment or was it just some ingenious photoshop? Right from mobile phone covers falling on and getting lost in carpets to cats looking just like sleeping logs to camouflaged animals in the forest or in unreal surroundings – the internet gave us all! It is sometimes quite fun to try and spot that perfect coffee bean in a sea of eerily similar looking brown spots or to find your favourite character from among a maze of characters. But sometimes, you just want the answer!

But this one image has confused the internet like nothing else! Well, it’s not really complicated.  But then, it is very real! The image is of an elephant sporting an amazing and astonishingly unbelievable double trunks! The mammal has 2 trunks and 2 sets of the long teeth that are present in front of the trunk. It looks just like a normal elephant except for that one physical addition of the 2 trunks. Also, the 2 trunks are perfectly joined and one is raised at an angle while the other curls downwards. The picture is definitely more than interesting.

The picture of the crazy elephant was clicked by Johan Barnard from South Africa when he was on a safari with his family in Nxai Pans plains in Botswana, Africa. Or so he claims. He also said that the picture had more of an impact on him after he returned home and then looked at it closely. Since being uploaded online, the picture has quickly gone viral and many are claiming it to be fake or photoshopped. But Johan says the photo is true! What do you think? Is this pic photoshopped or is it real? Does the elephant really have 2 trunks or is it just a trick of the eyes or some form of trick photography? It is definitely very interesting and if the elephant has 2 trunks as seen in the pic, what do you think – shouldn’t the animal be made famous?!

But then, there’s just a simple explanation to the pic. The picture is not of one but 2 elephants! It is definitely a very real picture and not photoshopped in any form. If you look closely at the picture, you will realise that the second elephant is stnading behind the first. The leg and body of that elephant is partially visible too! Even Johan did not realise the angle at which he clicked and what he clicked till he reached home and began going through all of his photos. He added the photo on social media and boom! It instantly went viral! That’s quite a fun picture and a fun angle. And oh, an elephant that close up? We’re completely impressed! Johan was actually bored during the Safari as the animals were, well, just being lazy animals and bam! Then he gets this and the perfect capture!

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