Pitbull sobs uncontrollably upon realizing that her family has abandoned her in the shelter for good.

The heartbreaking moment in which a 4-year- old pitbull cried inconsolably upon realizing that she had been abandoned, went around the world. It didn’t take long for her to understand that her family left her behind, never to return. How sad!

The furry one is called Electra and was abandoned at the Inland Valley Humane Society shelter in Pomona, California.

Lolys Menchaka, an activist who collaborates with the shelter, captured on video the devastating moment in which the sad reaction of the little girl with a broken heart is shown, looking down at the ground, as if she fully understood that this cage will be her new home.

Electra is a well-behaved pitbull and has never shown any signs of aggression.

His emotional reaction has given rise to reflect on the way in which dogs are affected once they are abandoned on the street or mercilessly delivered to a shelter .

Menchaka sadly notes that this is not an isolated case:

“Electra represents the face of sadness and reality in shelters.”

Electra quickly fell into depression upon learning that she was abandoned by her family.

Although it is not clear if Electra was abandoned on the street or delivered directly to the shelter, the members of the foundation call for reflection on the sadness that overwhelms these sweet animals that are sometimes abandoned despite showing a blameless behaviour.

“Sometimes I would like to understand the owners who give up their animals and I don’t like to judge them, but when you see the dogs come to the reception department and they are all proud I cannot understand.”

Electra’s scenes with that almost human gesture of deep pain and dejection soon touched the most sensitive fiber of many on the networks. To the point that it accumulates almost 2 million views. And the comments don’t stop:

“This is killing me. Those eyes. She is so scared. She wags her tail. She still wants to give love. Dogs are so selfless.”

But soon Electra would manage to heal her wounds.

Luckily, Electra didn’t last long heartbroken,  as she was supported by Tiffany Fan, a member and founder of JL Resue.

She was able to contact Adriane Silvano, who offered to give Electra a temporary home . Tifanny points out how dangerous the depression that dogs experience when abandoned can be:

“She hadn’t bitten anyone. They just took her to the shelter. She was so sad! I really think that sometimes they realize they’ve been abandoned, and they give up.”

But the dog’s charming personality made for the best ending possible.

Electra’s sweetness managed to conquer those who gave her a temporary home, and they decided that this would become her forever home .

Tiffany has closely followed the adoption and points out that Electra is a very sociable dog and that she gets along great with dogs, children and all family members ; the change she underwent since she left her shelter allowed her to show all the love she kept.

“He became a completely different dog. He was happy, he was on the sofa, he wanted to snuggle”.

Electra has already overcome abandonment and is the most affectionate with animals and humans

“If you look at the ‘before’ image and the images from today, it doesn’t look like the same dog,” Tiffany said.

The photos of Electra in her new home show that she is truly happy and that she is receiving all the love she needs thanks to the help she received.

JL Rescue houses many other dogs that are still looking for a home, visit their website and maybe you or one of your friends can become an angel that takes the furry one out of depression in need.

Electra’s story needs to help raise awareness about the sadness that little animals suffer when they are abandoned. Enough of so much indolence against these little angels!

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