Playful Pachyderms: Cute Baby Elephants Tire Out in a Mud Splash Frenzy and Collapse in Cuddly Company


These adorable young elephants are slouching “s” to one another because they are fatigued from splashing around in the mud.

Photographer Annie Laing, 64, captured photographs of elephants having fun in Sᴏᴜtʜ Aғʀɪᴄᴀ’s Eastern Cape’s Addo Elephant National Park.

Young elephants slump next to each other after exhausting themselves splashing  around | Daily Mail Online

In October, Annie, a visitor from Colchester, Sᴏᴜtʜ Aғʀɪᴄᴀ, went to the park on a hot day when she was aware that the animals would be looking for water. She was happy to share photos of the playful and cheeky baby elephants because they are well-known for being playful and cheeky.

Baby elephants playing in the mud | Lipstick Alley

The elephants’ layer of protection from the sun and insect stings is the mud. When they bathe, they roll around in it or spray themselves with their trunks. It was expected to be 32 degrees, so Annie believed that she would get footage of the elephants in the water. How fortunate she was to be in a neighborhood immediately across from the Addo south gate.

Baby elephants playing in the mud | Lipstick Alley

The baby elephants frequently act like toddlers, pushing and shoving each other while playing and generally having a good time. As the temperature rose, more and more elephants entered the lake to cool off.

Young elephants slump next to each other after exhausting themselves  splashing around | Daily Mail Online

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