Police Share Tragic Images of Newborn Child Mother Abandoned Within 12 Hours after Birth

Authorities release images of newborn baby abandoned within 12 hours as search continues for mother’s whereabouts.

The infant, named Edward, was discovered near a doorstep in Hackney, AD East London shortly before noon last Saturday, still with the umbilical cord attached to his body.

He is named in honor of the police officer who rescued him, and currently, the baby remains hospitalized, receiving medical care.

A passerby alerted the police after discovering the baby wrapped in a white blanket. According to preliminary investigations, the mother is believed to have given birth without any medical assistance.

The police urge the mother to contact them as soon as possible, particularly to receive medical attention.

Andy Barry, a local police officer, AD said, “The baby was only about 12 hours old when he was found abandoned at a doorstep on Sandringham Road. He is well taken care of by the hospital staff and is a healthy and strong child.”

The officers’ main concern is the circumstances surrounding the baby’s birth and the mother’s health.

“We can offer you help, rest assured that you won’t be in trouble. Edward is safe and sound, and his health and well-being will be our priority,” the officer said in a media statement.

They appeal to the public for assistance, urging anyone with information about the baby’s mother to come forward and help locate her.

“I would also like to hear from anyone who was in the area of Sandringham Road between 10 am and 12 pm on Saturday, January 25th. If you noticed or saw anything suspicious, please call us urgently,” Officer Barry added.

Hours before Edward was found, another newborn was also discovered, but unfortunately, lifeless, on a street in Portsmouth.

Authorities are extremely concerned about the recurrence of newborn abandonment in these two cases. The mothers may have been motivated to make this decision due to being underage, facing precarious economic situations, or other difficulties. They could also be dealing with psychiatric disorders that influenced their actions.

Indeed, it is crucial for individuals facing serious issues to know where to seek help and safely surrender their child to an institution where their well-being is ensured, rather than abandoning them on the street. It is essential to raise awareness about available resources and support systems that can provide assistance and guidance to those who find themselves in difficult circumstances and are considering abandoning a newborn.

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