Puppy closest pals are unable to resist giving each other bear hugs whenever they are together.

A pair of extremely cute puppies have captured the attention of many netizens, thanks to a photograph that has gone viral. It’s about the beautiful furry Simba and Cooper, two friends and neighbors who have no qualms about publicly showing their love, and for whom the time of confinement was a real shame.

Roberto Couto is the owner of Simba, a mini Goldendoodle, and who recounted how the affection between the puppies arose. These little ones live with their families in the same neighborhood and as soon as they saw each other on a visit to the park they made a special connection.

Couto’s son is the one who often takes Simba out to stretch his legs and exercise, but above all to see Cooper, a Bullmastiff and best friend.

The puppies are treated from a very young age and have always behaved in a sweet way with each other. Couto does not remember that Simba has ever had a problem with Cooper, although she can be quite irritating with other pups.

The furry ones not only take advantage of going out to the park to see each other, but Simba, who is the naughtiest of this couple of friends, usually runs away from home to visit Cooper and have some fun.

When the family doesn’t find the puppy at home, it doesn’t take them long to imagine that it has gone to visit its faithful companion. They truly love each other.

“They see each other on the weekends or else Simba runs away from my yard. He doesn’t like being away from Cooper for too long,” the man explained.

Strange as it may seem, it is not enough for this pair to sniff each other, but they publicly express all their love and that has moved everyone on social networks.

A post made by WeRateDogs on Twitter helped fuel this sweet story. Although it was not real that the hug arose after the confinement as they tried to make it see in that viral Twitt.

“This is Simba and Cooper. They are finally fully vaccinated. Hugging for the first time in over a year. Both 10/14 heartwarming,” they wrote.

This is Simba and Cooper. They’re finally fully vaccinated. Hugging for the first time in over a year. Both 14/10 heartwarming as h*ck pic.twitter.com/rm8KUne0tp

— WeRateDogs® (@dog_rates) April 15, 2021

For the puppies, the pandemic complicated the situation, but the families ensured that the furry ones continued to see each other.

After the number of views that the photo of Simba and Cooper reached on different platforms, their owners decided that it was time to open their own social accounts to show the world the occurrences of their puppies.

These friends are a real cutie and they also look like models. Their parents continue to pamper them and the walk and the visits are a constant in their lives. They all find it incredible how well they get along and also clarify that the idea of hugging was a matter of theirs.

No one taught the puppies to greet each other that way, we don’t know if by imitation but the truth is that the hug and the way they do it is very human.

In fact, other doggy owners were inspired by Simba and Cooper and are now sharing similar encounters via Twitter.

My pup Stella Blue and best pup friend Izzy! pic.twitter.com/pwmPqSobxm

Puppies will always brighten our lives with their witticisms and expressions of affection, not only among themselves but also with their humans. That is why it is important that we value and love them very much. Watching over your pet is a reflection of the quality of person you are, do not forget to always protect them.

Blessings and long life to these sweet little friends.

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