Puppy imitates its owner as they struggle to save two unidentified people who are submerged in the water.

A viral video has revealed the great feat of a brave and loyal puppy who did not hesitate to help his owner when she decided to save two women trapped in a car.

In the middle of the flood, two older ladies were paralyzed inside their vehicle that was being dragged by the water. Luckily, Lori Guilles and her good friend Puck of hers were on hand to help them.

This event occurred in the city of Glasgow in Scotland, after heavy rainfall caused a river to overflow and consequently flood a good part of the city.

Despite not being able to communicate, the puppy knows very well the magnitude of the problem and chooses not to be separated from its human. But it’s not just the fact of accompanying her, but Puck tries to help her rescue her.

In the recording made by Davie Keel and which was later published on the networks, he manages to see how the canine swims behind its owner and even tries to push the vehicle.

Perhaps he didn’t quite know what was going on, but he was perfectly capable of scenting danger and couldn’t help but cooperate.

In the street of Harland Street were the women trapped by the flood, inside a black Volkswagen Estate.

In the video that was recorded without the puppy or its human noticing, the little animal is seen swimming fearfully. At first, Puck didn’t seem to be very sure of what he was doing, but he wasn’t willing to leave his mother alone with that problem.

After Davie – who recorded the situation from afar – decided to share the video, social networks overflowed with praise and thanks for the rescue dog and its owner.

For Guilles it was quite a surprise to be notified by a relative about what was happening in the video.

After playing the recording herself, the woman had no other words than to thank who she considered the true hero: her puppy.

“Just doing a good deed helping this car and its owners get to drier land. Someone filmed it and sent it to his friend, who sent it to my friend, who sent it to me. Puck really is the best dog in the world,” he commented.

One of the most surprising moments of the recording is when the puppy not only follows its owner, but also imitates her. The Springer Spaniel even lands behind the vehicle and tries to push it, just as he sees his mom doing.

In a matter of minutes, the heart of this couple of great friends is revealed. Guilles approached without thinking to save the strangers, but what she herself did not premeditate was that her puppy would join the rescue.

Here there is not one hero, but two, because the puppy is undoubtedly a brave one but its owner also takes the credit for how well she has educated him. At least during the video, no fire team or civil protection is observed intervening.

It is for this reason that we can only thank this woman and her puppy for the fantastic rescue they carried out.

You guys are worth gold, so we wish you the best of success and a life full of adventures together.

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