Puppy waits six years for the one he loves most in the location of their previous meeting.

6 years ago, Ángel lost his owner and since then he lived in the Martín Coronado train station, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was there waiting for the return of the one who had cared for and loved him throughout his life.

The dog accompanied his owner to the station every day, where he took the train to go to work. But 6 years ago he did not return, because he died of a heart attack. And Ángel stayed waiting for him.

Despite the fact that many of the people who worked in the place, frequent passengers and associations, tried to help the dog, it went through very difficult times.

Ángel accompanied his owner to the train station every day.

For a long time, the Metrovías company , the train concessionaire, wanted to remove it for “disturbing the passengers who usually took the train . ”

Despite this, the faithful mascot did not give up and with the help of citizens managed to stay there, along with other dogs that prowled the station and are called “Los Coronaditos.”

Romina Ríos, a member of the protectionist group and one of those in charge of caring for the dogs at the station, denounced to a local media outlet that Metrovías was getting rid of the feeders and drinkers, with water and food, that people left behind to feed the dogs. dogs.

“We are aware that from Metrovías they threw containers of water and food and blankets. 

We have no problem taking care of the animals, but we are counting on the railway company to allow us to do so one day, the important thing is to eradicate all kinds of animal abuse”, denounced Romina.

The puppy spent 6 years waiting for its owner to return.

Ángel endeared himself to many of those who  watched his wait with emotion,  especially the gendarmes who patrolled the platform, who adopted him as one more companion in their daily routine.

However, another endearing bond was woven. Ángel and  Rabito , another dog that adopted the train station as his home. The two were inseparable.

Although everything seemed to be improving for Ángel, two pieces of news hit him again: Rabito died suddenly and the gendarmes who were taking care of him were transferred to another section.

The neighbors of Martín Coronado tried to find him a house so that he would no longer be sad, but they were unsuccessful. And when his story became more and more public,  the gendarmes who took care of him asked permission to adopt him . And permission was granted.

Now he has a new opportunity in his life thanks to two Gendarmerie officers.

This is how Ángel formally became part of the Argentine military force. He already has his new house in  Campo de Mayo , where  Carlos and Miriam , who took care of him on the platform, took him to his blankets.

The Gendarmerie vet checked him and vaccinated him:  “He spent the night very well, sleeping in a bed and watching TV . ” After so many years sleeping outdoors, between the tracks, he is now going to receive more care than he dreamed of.

Ángel has a house again.

According to what they said, he will live with other dogs, but he will not spend any time in the kennels , “he will be released, a fully free life. Our dogs live in kennels because they have specific functions.”

But it’s not all going to be games and delicious food, Ángel is going to have to study too. Because in addition to a new home and family, the puppy now has a university future.

Claudia, another of the veterinarians of the force, already assigned him a task , “the gendarmes go to the training school of the UBA and they must take a dog, so he will go to university courses” , for that, the Gendarmerie waited for him with his doggy uniform ready .

Now he will go to university representing the military.

And the national force communicated it through its official page on its social network:

“Personnel of our Force, made up of 1st Alf Koziuk (Veterinary Medicine) and Corporal Aquino (General Rank, Dog Guide Assistant, people search specialty) and Corporal Dominguez (Technical Support Rank, Veterinary Assistant, dog trainer specialty ) were present and adopted this sociable ? who since this noon lives in Region I”.

For her part, Romina expressed her joy at the Gendarmerie’s decision: “We knew better than anyone that Ángel is devoted to the gendarmes, I myself could see Ángel’s joy at seeing them again.”

Angel is a demonstration to the world that a dog’s loyalty is unmatched. We have a lot to learn from these animals.

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