Puppy was fighting for his life after being unknowingly put in a massive garbage.

When rescuers saw that at the bottom of a large garbage dump, a small creature was struggling to be noticed, their hearts stopped…

The world will only begin to change when we understand that animals have the same right to life as anyone. It is in our hands to ensure that we offer them all the benefits they need so that they can grow, develop and have a long and pleasant life.

However, the reality is different and every day we come across stories that show how twisted some people can be, that when it comes to hurting the furry ones, they have no limits.

The poor pup was struggling to survive deep in a garbage dump.

There are many puppies that must suffer the worst of situations after being abandoned , it is well known that the streets are not a safe place for them, much less if they are just beginning to live.

You could hardly notice his little body in the midst of so much filth and waste

In the midst of their desperation to survive, they eat almost anything to avoid starvation. Garbage cans become one of the places most frequented by furry ones who come here hoping to find something to alleviate their hunger.

Garbage as far as the eye can see covered the floor of this dump. But the garbage was not the only thing that was there. Among all the dirty trash there was a little puppy that was discarded by its owner .

The owner didn’t want the pup anymore and considered it useless like the rest of the trash, so that’s where he dumped it.

He was limp, dirty and very disoriented.

That was how he was almost buried in the garbage bags while he found something to eat. The small size of him compared to the enormous debris that surrounded him made it difficult to get out of.

It was not until a group of volunteers realized his situation and quickly intervened to provide all the help the puppy needed .

If help was not received in time, the puppy may have died.

Fortunately, rescuers set out to find him. They scoured every inch of the garbage chute until they finally saw the pup lying deep within the rubble. He was very dirty, but he still had a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

The rescuer picked him up, cleaned all the dirt and debris off him, and gave him some water. They then transferred him to his facility where they provided him with all the medical attention he needed.

His rescue reminds us that in the right hands anything is possible. After a series of tests, the vet determined that his state of health was quite stable , luckily he did not have any serious injuries or illnesses to worry about.

For the first time in a long time he drank clean water.

It was necessary to give him some vitamins and give him some vaccinations so that he could grow into a healthy and strong puppy.

If it weren’t for these rescuers, that pup would have eventually died in the middle of the dump, due to the owner’s malicious act. The destiny of this beautiful puppy began to change slowly and satisfactorily .

He went from being almost buried in a garbage dump to living in a foster home where he is being given all the care he needs for his recovery.

He is still receiving treatment and all the love he deserves.

It’s only a matter of time before this pup comes out of his shell and is put up for adoption. We are sure that you will find the loving family that you deserve .

With this story we would like to touch the hearts of so many soulless people who decide to discard puppies as if they were objects. It usually happens especially the days after Christmas or on any occasion when the “toy” they got as a pet is no longer liked so much. Please, they have feelings, and they don’t deserve to end up in a dump!

Thanks to the quick action of rescuers today this furry is enjoying a better quality of life. This shows us that the good ones are more and united we can make the change we want to see. Let’s fill the world with good stories.

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