Puppy with three legs fights for his life after his mother tried to eat him when he was born.

Nature has some mysteries that are incomprehensible to us and this puppy has been the victim of one of them.

It turns out that the little one was part of a litter of eight who were rejected by their own mother, but life allowed him to find happiness next to a cat family.

Ale Oviedo found out about the case of the puppy and could not resist helping him. Three of the dog’s siblings had lost their lives due to her mother’s behavior and she would not let the dog become the fourth to die.

In addition, the little one had received an injury to one of his legs and needed attention.

Ale found out about this case from some friends of her family and decided to intervene to save the puppy. At that time he had only weeks to live.

“I met Nicholas when he was over a week old. Nicholas’s mom ate three of his brothers and was in the process of eating him when someone rescued him,” Ale explained.

The woman was responsible for five other dogs and some somewhat jealous cats but, to her surprise, they adopted it as their own.

The woman had to heal Nicholas’s paw and that’s why she cleaned the lesion several times a day, at that time the cats came for him to comfort him.

“I fed him every 3 hours and changed his bandage every day. So they would come up and come for him,” she explained.

As the weeks went by, the puppy began to function on its own and its paw began to heal. Although it took him a while to learn to move without being bothered, he ventured to explore the house of the person who had received him.

For the woman there is no greater satisfaction or reward for those days of care than to see the helpless puppy become a self-confident and above all healthy dog. His injury and heart healed thanks to them.

“I did it with great pleasure, with constant care from me, my cats and my other 5 dogs, he became a lovely dog!” she said.

Already recovered, Nicholas enjoys the company of all that family that welcomed him and especially that of the kittens because, paradoxically, they were the ones who adopted him with the most love and dedicated themselves to accompanying and caring for him in his days of adaptation.

Ale’s intervention changed the fate of the puppy who will now be able to lead a calm life full of love, something that three of his little brothers did not achieve.

In nature there are things that are difficult to assimilate, but the important thing is that good deeds prevailed over any evil that this puppy could suffer and now he is completely happy.

We are happy to know that the furry will have the happiness that everyone deserves. Bravo to you, Nicholas.

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