Pure sisterly love: Serena Williams charms fans with heartwarming video of daughter Olympia guiding younger sister Adira in an adorable ‘workout’ session

The 23-time grand slam champion shared a video of her older daughter helping out her ???? sister “work out” on Christmas day

Serena Williams is teaching her daughters how to train together.

On Christmas, the tennis pro, 42, shared an Instagram video of her daughter, Olympia Ohanian, 6, helping her 4-month-old ???? sister Adira River “work out.”

Williams shares daughters Olympia and Adira with husband Alexis Ohanian, 40.

In the photo, Williams speaks to her eldest daughter in French as she lifts and lowers the infant and shows her how to “work out.”

“Doucement, doucement … comme ça,” Williams is heard telling Olympia (meaning “gently, gently … like that”). In the video, Olympia (wearing a ruffled red dress) carefully lifts her ???? sister (in holiday jammies) from the ground and lowers her back down, holding her hands the whole time — for a sweet version of ???? sit-ups.

“We all work out in this family. @adiraohanian @olympiaohanian ??,” wrote Williams of the family moment caught on camera.

Last month, in November, the 23-time grand slam champion revealed that Olympia is successfully “navigating” being an older sister to Adira.

“She loves it,” Williams told <em>Entertainment Tonight</em> at the CFDA Awards. “Adira’s like a tiny little ????, so Olympia just calls her her little sis.”

Per the outlet, Williams explained that Olympia “prayed for a sister” but revealed she herself was a little “worried” ahead of Adira’s arrival.

“I was like, ‘OK, I don’t know if I can like anyone as much as I love Olympia,’” Williams said. “I was really nervous about that. But I feel like it all worked out.”

Since the arrival of Williams and Ohanian’s second child, the tennis legend has shared photos of the infant and has opened up about some of the more challenging parts of motherhood.

In late November, Williams shared a photo cuddling with her ???? daughter, Adira. In the photo, Williams holds her daughter against her chest as the little girl is swaddled in a polka-dot blanket.

“This makes me so happy,” Williams captioned the post.

The sweet selfie was posted just hours after the sports legend shared another message on X (formerly known as Twitter) telling her followers that she was “not ok today.”

“I am not ok today. And that’s ok to not be ok. No one is ok every single day. If you are not ok today I’m with you,” she wrote.

“There’s always tomorrow ?,” she added. “Love you.”

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