Rescue: Amboseli Park’s Lone Elephant Is Saved from Creamy Pus Discharge Injury by a Mobile Veterinary Unit

In a proactive patrol through Amboseli Park, the Mobile Vet Unit recently encountered a lone male elephant engaged in a seemingly routine activity – drinking.

However, a concerning discovery unfolded as the team observed a creamy discharge at the right knee fold, indicating a potential injury.

Image 300

Although the elephant displayed normal ambulation, the team deemed intervention crucial to address the issue promptly.

Taking swift action, the elephant was darted out of the drinking hole. Upon examination, a tenacious creamy pus discharge originated from a sub-dermal pouch approximately twenty centimeters deep.

Image 301

Long forceps were employed to probe the pouch’s depth and check for any foreign body, but none was found.

The team drains the pouch by fist pressing, followed by meticulous cleaning using Hydrogen Peroxide. The affected area was then rinsed with a Tincture of Iodine.

Wet green clay was packed into the pouch to promote healing, and a generous application of Tetracycline wound spray was administered topically to repel flies.

Image 302

The intervention concluded with administering 40 Naltrexone into the superficial ear vein for reversal.

The elephant swiftly rose with a single kick merely three minutes post-reversal administration.

Although it walked away sluggishly, the successful reversal marked a positive turn in its recovery journey.

Image 303

With the injury being sub-dermal and effectively drained and cleaned, the prognosis for the lone elephant is promising.

The diligent efforts of the Mobile Vet Unit not only addressed the immediate concern but ensured that the majestic creature could continue its journey through Amboseli Park with the best possible chances of a full recovery.

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