Rescuer spots pleading face peeking out from rusty hole

“Don’t worry, we’ve got you now.”

A local dog rescuer kept a sharp eye out as she walked around the dusty trails of rural Romania, looking for anyone who might be in need.

She suddenly noticed him. A little dog was just barely perceptible poking out from under the cover of a rusted conveyor belt.


The dog’s adorable brown eyes caught the rescuer’s attention as he knelt down to get a better view. The canine friend gladly started giving her hand kisses when she held it out.


You can watch the moment the rescuer spotted the puppy here:

Without thinking twice, the savior picked up the pup—later given the name Chance—and brought him to the security of a nearby shelter run by Annie’s Trust For Dogs.

Chance wasn’t sure what to make of his new surroundings at first. He needed some time to get used to it. Eventually, Roxy, a volunteer, won Chance’s affection. His personality started to emerge as he relaxed and realized that the refuge was a secure place.

He was initially terrified and physically shaking, an Annie’s Trust For Dogs representative told The Dodo. He is emerging from his shell after spending some time getting to know Roxy and realizing that she was feeding and caring for him.


Chance is now enjoying life at the shelter, where he gets to play with other dogs and never has to worry about being alone.


When he’s a bit older, Chance will leave the shelter and head to the United Kingdom, where he’ll get to find his forever home.

Soon, this puppy, who once resided in an abandoned piece of machinery, will have a warm, loving home to call his own.

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