Russians must contend with the CH-53K, the largest and deadliest helicopter owned by the US.

The most powerful helicopter the United States has ever fielded is joining the Marine Corps rotary wing fleet.

Next week, Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 461 will redesignate and become the first CH-53K King Stallion squadron in the Marine Corps.

While it may look similar to the same heavy-lift platform that has been in service since the Vietnam War, this helicopter carries with it numerous upgrades.

The CH-53K has three times the lift capability of its predecessor, the CH-53E, reads a statement from the 2nd Marine Air Wing, the parent unit of HMH-461.

It has a wider cabin and is able to carry 27,000 pounds versus the CH-53E that can carry 9,628 pounds.

Its engine produces 57% more horsepower with 63% fewer parts than the CH-53E.


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