Sad Scene: Dog Chained Up Behind House with Bone Cancer Stirs Up Sorrow and Sympathy

On September 22, an urgent report reached the Global Welfare and Animal Rescue Project (GWARP) that left everyone deeply saddened and heartbroken. It was about an elderly dog, chained behind a house, suffering from bone cancer and denied even the most basic necessities, such as food and water. Despite years of working in animal rescue, GWARP had never encountered a situation quite like this.

The dog, visibly ailing and in excruciating pain, appeared to be battling bone cancer, a cruel and devastating disease that had gone untreated. For years, this poor soul had been subjected to a life on a short chain, surviving on scraps and discarded food. The neglect had taken its toll, leading to the development of osteosarcoma, a severe form of bone cancer.

Upon examination, the veterinarian revealed that this cancer typically results from significant trauma and infection, eventually manifesting as a tumor. Shockingly, the individual who reported this heart-wrenching case had witnessed the dog being brutally beaten by its intoxicated owner. The dog had endured years of confinement, limited to moving just a couple of feet due to the constraints of a short metal chain.

When the GWARP rescue team approached the owner with a request to save this suffering dog, their plea was met with resistance. The owner callously asserted that they could not part with what they considered “their property.” Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the rescue team sought assistance from the local authorities.

The situation was fraught with tension as the team and the police sought a resolution. During this time, the dog’s condition continued to deteriorate, almost as if he sensed the battle being waged on his behalf. Finally, after hours of negotiation and providing the owner with the necessary paperwork, a breakthrough was achieved. The owner relented, agreeing to release the dog, but only if the rescue team agreed not to report him.

With the dog’s immediate medical needs in mind, the team concurred. The dog, named Jordan, required urgent medical checks and blood tests. His condition was so dire that he needed an immediate amputation, with samples sent for histology. The road to recovery was going to be long, but Jordan’s journey had finally begun.

X-rays confirmed the devastating presence of osteosarcoma, a formidable bone cancer. Thankfully, there were no metastases in his lungs, offering a glimmer of hope for his survival. However, the tumor was rapidly growing, causing the skin to stretch and tear. Jordan’s condition was deteriorating with each passing day.

Jordan was given a soothing bath, washing away the scars of his tragic past and the negative energy inflicted by his previous owner. However, his journey to recovery had only just started, and it was clear that his treatment needed to continue elsewhere.

With great determination and the help of compassionate individuals, Jordan embarked on a journey to Istanbul, Turkey. There, he underwent X-rays of his entire body to prepare for his crucial surgery.

The amputation surgery was a success, and the tumor-ridden limb was finally removed. Jordan’s strength and resilience shone brightly during this trying time.

As days passed since his amputation, Jordan proved to be a fast learner. He adapted to his new life with remarkable ease, regained his appetite, and relished the nourishing food provided by his caregivers.

Jordan’s journey is far from over, but he has already demonstrated incredible courage and determination. His story serves as a reminder of the enduring spirit of animals and the power of compassion. As he continues on his path to recovery, let us all join together in sending him our best wishes for a swift recuperation and a long, joy-filled life ahead. We love you, Jordan!


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