“Senior Dog Left Alone After Ten Years for Not Living Up to Owner’s Expectations”

When someone is unable to take care of their furry friend, it’s important to surrender them to a shelter in person and explain the reason why. However, some people choose not to do so, which leaves dogs feeling scared and bewildered. This was the case for an elderly Labrador retriever who was left outside Jasmil Kennels with only a heart-wrenching note. The staff at the kennel were taken aback when they discovered the dog tied to a fence with no real explanation for his abandonment. According to the note, the sweet pup was unable to “learn to be good.”

The emotional story revolves around an old black Labrador who was found without a microchip and a note that was left with him. Animal services were unable to locate the person responsible for abandoning the poor dog. The note, however, made the situation even more miserable as it revealed that the owner had abandoned the dog because he wasn’t well-behaved. It read, “Can you please take me in as my owner has abandoned me after 10 years because I have not learned to be good? So, I have been returned here where he found me. Thank you for taking care of me, sorry for the trouble.”

The community was shocked to learn that a dog of 10 years had been abandoned in such a heart-wrenching manner. It’s difficult to imagine how the poor pup felt – sad and confused, left alone after so many years of companionship. This behavior is unacceptable, and the dog deserved much better. Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service took to Facebook, sharing images of the dog and the note in hopes of finding more information on the situation. They asked the community for assistance in learning more about the dog and its abandonment. After tracking down the person who surrendered the dog, Stray Dog Service provided an update, indicating that the situation may not have been as it initially appeared. They offered few details but did reach out to extended family members who were previously unaware of the dog’s abandonment.

The family of the dog has a strong affection for him and they are eager to give him a caring home. They have put forward their offer to adopt him, hoping he can be placed in a familiar setting. Once the house inspection is endorsed and the dog’s reaction towards the family is positive, he will be residing with them from that point onwards. However, if it doesn’t work out, there are still other generous families willing to take him in. The reason behind why the Labrador was deserted might always remain a mystery, but at least he is guaranteed to be cherished now. It’s crucial to remember that no dog should ever be left behind in such a manner. Instead, we must love our dogs unconditionally throughout their entire lives.

Shirley Zindler, the founder of Dogwood Animal Rescue, has welcomed a new member to her family in the form of a tiny Chihuahua pup named Bianca. She already had a companion in Shelby, a blind Great Dane whom she adopted last year. The two dogs initially started bonding when Shirley had to bottle-feed Bianca from birth and Shelby watched over them. As Bianca grew up, they became more playful, spending most of their time in Bianca’s playpen. Shirley has shared videos of their adorable friendship online, which have since gone viral. She noted that while Shelby is gentle but playful, Bianca can be quite a handful.

Shelby, a massive Great Dane weighing in at 8st 5lbs, may be blind but he has formed an unlikely companionship with tiny Bianca, a Chihuahua puppy, at Dogwood Animal Rescue located in Sebastopol, California. Despite their differences in size and personality, the two have become good friends at the rescue center. The staff even have a motto that says ‘big or small, we love them all’! Although Shelby is patient with Bianca, he will push her away if she gets too biting. Shirley, who takes care of 12 adult dogs at her home, including five of her own, four visiting dogs from the rescue project, and three permanent rescue dogs that she fosters, is amazed by their unique bond. Additionally, she also cares for up to 20 puppies and other animals like cats. It is unusual to see dogs of different sizes playing together, making their friendship all the more special.

Shirley became the proud parent of Shelby in May 2017 through adoption. Later in November, when Shirley had to bottle-feed Bianca from her birth, Shelby would observe the process with keen interest as an animal lover.

Shirley shared the heartwarming story of how Shelby and Bianca’s relationship began. She introduced them when she started to bottle-feed Bianca from birth, and Shelby would always watch over them. As Bianca grew up, she started playing and interacting with Shelby more, which was incredibly sweet to see. Shelby was adopted by Shirley two years ago after her previous owners surrendered her to a shelter. She was born blind due to an eye defect and had to undergo four surgeries and six eye drops daily to recover. Since then, Shelby has become a loving caregiver to little Bianca. Shirley emphasized the importance of puppies having a mother figure and being around other dogs while growing up. However, since Bianca didn’t have a mother, Shelby naturally took on that role and watches over her. Shirley even mentioned raising another litter of five puppies found on a porch and having plenty of generous aunties to look after them in their full house.

Having a mom and being surrounded by other dogs during their growth phase is crucial for the healthy development of puppies. However, Bianca lacks a mother figure, and Shelby seems to have taken a liking to her all on her own.

Unfortunately, Bianca already has a new home lined up, so Shelby will have to say goodbye soon and move on to another puppy. However, despite this news, the two friends have become quite popular online, with some even suggesting that the animal rescue create a calendar featuring their adorable photos together. Shirley, who works at the center, believes that people enjoy hearing about animals being saved and forming bonds with each other. She finds it fascinating to see which dogs become friends, saying, “they’re like people!”

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