Serious wounds were discovered on sea lions. pleading for rescue, weighing life and death

Among the most beautiful animals that live in seas and oceans, sea lions certainly take first place. In Mexico, their species have a special protective mindset about caring for and protecting them . However, a sad discovery was made, finding a beautiful sea lion in very bad condition.

Poor little animal!

Residents walking past Tambor beach, in Altata Bay, Navolato, in Culiacán, Sinaloa, found a sea lion with obvious signs of injury on its body.

Immediately, they immediately reported to the authorities to be at the scene, providing necessary support for the animal.

A team consisting of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) , the Sinaloa Sea Mammal Attention Network , and specialized technical staff from the Culiacán Zoo and the Navolato Civil Protection were recruited. coordinator.

A great engineering show was made as part of the rescue operation, in which more than 200 kilometers were moved inch by inch in the vicinity of Altata , as well as other beaches in Navolato.

Indeed, a young California sea lion was found. The animal had a pronounced wound to the lower jaw, scratches on the skin, and broken fins.

I need urgent help

Based on the extent of their bruises, the possibility that the damage received was man-made.

As it is a typical and widespread species in the states of Sinaloa, Sonora and Baja California, and it is endangered, specialist staff have focused on rigorous care for this species and finding the cause. or who caused such damage.

Ernesto Zazueta Zazueta, president of AZCARM, officially announced the rescue; Jesús Amado Zazueta, animal welfare expert; and Diego García Heredia, director of the Culiacán Zoo.

They reported that the state of health of the male sea lion, three years old and weighing more than one hundred kilograms, is serious, and all efforts are being made to save his life.

“The next 72 hours are crucial to find out if it will be able to recover and when the time comes we can release it to its natural habitat, which is the sea,” said the director of the Culiacán Zoo.

Currently, only zoos are available to rescue wild animals, rehabilitate them and return them to their natural environment, or if necessary to human care, in hatcheries or aquariums.

“They’ve done what they can with what they have, which isn’t much capital, they have experienced staff and a desire to do things well, what’s happened is that since the budget has been cut for the last six years; “We are now zoos with a responsibility to rescue, rehabilitate, release or give home to endangered animals,” said Zazueta Zazueta.

Let’s hope that the sea lion will soon recover and return to its habitat, to enjoy the free life corresponding to it.

Be strong me!

Please share this touching story with all your friends so we can become more supportive and friendly to the fauna around us.

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