She became paralyzed after being used so cruelly in a “puppy mill,” but these days she just enjoys life.

Illegal dog breeders often hide a network of abuse and exploitation , so it is very important to know how to identify and stop them. And it is that, few things are more satisfying than being able to get a puppy or any other animal out of the barbarism to which they are subjected in these centers.

The case of the dog Maya, a Siberian husky, shows the levels of inhumanity that exist. Until five years ago, she lived forced and exploited in one of these puppy “factories” located, this time, in the town of Goiânia, Brazil. In that infamous place she was forced to reproduce for profit.

The arbitrariness and level of abuse that Maya suffered from these people was such that the poor thing ended up severely injured and unable to move on her own .

This was what led these cold, cruel people, without blood in their veins, to try to get rid of the little animal by giving it rat poison . treated.

As if by a miracle, Maya’s story finally reached the ears of Rayssa , a woman from the area who was informed of the case by a fellow animal activist. Immediately, she decided to go visit Maya with the intention of taking her home . Rayssa, she would end up becoming the right person for her.

“We arrived and there she was, totally hurt. She drank her own urine and ate her feces, a scene that broke my heart,” Rayssa commented.

According to the supportive and sensitive woman, the experience of seeing Maya in that disgusting and unworthy cage was one of the most shocking of her life . She says that even though she managed to rescue the dog, that will be a day she will never forget.

Thanks to Rayssa’s loving care, as well as the group of veterinarians who treated her terrible injuries, today Maya runs happily everywhere in her wheelchair . Despite her disability, in each race she really learns what it is to live well, really.

“Few things are as comforting as rescuing an animal from the street and giving it a permanent and loving home, even more so when they have a medical problem or come from contexts where they were abused and violated,” added Rayssa.

The woman also said that, after the rescue, she stayed next to the dog for two days in a row, since she was too weak. Rayssa was afraid that if she left her alone she wouldn’t resist.

However, he assured that, when he looked into her eyes, he felt calm, since the light that emanated from them made him understand that Maya was stronger than she seemed and that she would not give up so easily.

Although Maya was a bit distant and cautious with Rayssa at first , the dog quickly gained confidence and began intensive treatment to recover physically and psychologically from the abuse she was subjected to for approximately a year and a half.

He immediately adapted to his new wheelchair and to his reality. He is happy and, most importantly, his freedom and his right to life have been consolidated, just as his new human mother says.

Share Maya’s story with your loved ones. Today she is a healthy dog and very loved by her family. Despite her injuries, she is an essential and undisputed member of her clan that helped keep her alive.

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