She begs them to look at her heart because everyone is afraid of her and won’t adopt her.

Not all of us are perfect, we know that very well. Even puppies can also be born with certain physical defects and limitations, which end up not being liked by others, and even causing rejection and fear.

But honestly, what is the fault of these sweet creatures for being born with a limiting condition? Perhaps because of that, are they less worthy or do they not deserve a life full of respect and love?

It is unfortunate that physical appearance influences the opinion of others so much, and that also happens with animals. As in the case of a dog whose physiognomy could generate repulsion , without imagining the beautiful feelings that that distorted face hides.

I wish there were no prejudices and all human beings knew how to love and value the other regardless of their condition. But sadly, those who are considered different for breaking traditional schemes are often rejected in the most unfair way.

Everyone who sees her runs away and denies her the opportunity she deserves.

Bethany is an eight month old mixed breed Labrador retriever. She suffered  complications at her birth that deformed a large part of her face .

She was rescued from the streets of Ukraine, since she saw the light of life, nothing has been easy for her.

He urgently needs a loving home.

She has gotten used to being rejected by people, who just seeing her think she has something “contagious” and try to stay away.

He has a little wandering eye, his gaze goes elsewhere,  his muzzle is completely turned to the right side of his face, and his teeth are fully exposed.

When they see her for the first time, they think that she is sick or that she may be aggressive , but nothing is further from the truth.

Poor Bethany has been at the Safe Rescue for Dogs shelter in England for quite some time , and it has been difficult for her to be adopted precisely because of her physical appearance.

In this world of appearances, Bethany had the misfortune to be born unattractive.

“She is an amazing dog: she is healthy, gentle, happy, obedient and loves children,” says a spokesperson for the shelter.

When a prospective adoptive family walks up and looks at her, they no longer want to take her with them.

But, the persevering and sweet Bethany does not lose hope that someone will appear who does not notice her defects, and who values the innumerable virtues she has, and thus be able to find a permanent home.

She prays that at least someone notices the light that hides her heart.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with Bethany, she doesn’t even snore when she sleeps ,” commented one of the volunteers who is taking care of her temporarily.

People don’t settle for the opinion of shelter employees, who know firsthand what the dog is really like, and if they tell you there’s no danger in adopting Bethany, it’s because it’s true.

“People ask if we are sure we are doing the right thing and how we know. We know this because we have taken her to the vet many times , she is fine.

If she was that sick, they would have put her down because that’s her job , but she’s perfectly fine, she’s the most amazing little dog I’ve ever met,” the shelter workers say.

Many look for pets just to show them off  with photos that they upload to social networks so they can see how beautiful they are. Without thinking that the little animals that have gone through difficult situations in their lives are the ones that need love and care the most.

The people who care for Bethany know very well what she is like, they do not lose faith that a human being with a noble soul who does not see the physical , but the kindness of the animal, will adopt her, and give her the opportunity to be part of a family.

“If I lived in that country, I would not hesitate to adopt her, she is beautiful and deserves a family that loves her, I hope to God that she can be even happier and give her a family that loves her and protects her from everything ,” said an Internet user.

Patience, little one, the person will soon arrive who sees through your fuzzy little eyes , the huge heart you have. Never let appearances keep you from what is really worth it.

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