She forgot how to walk since she was in a cage for so long.

Liszka is a little dog that had to spend the first years of her life in terrible conditions. Today her luck is different, but many wonder where she managed to get enough strength to survive.

Her owner kept her locked in a small cage and never let her out of there . The poor thing she had to do her needs there and she had to sleep on her waste. Finally, a neighbor called the rescuers from OTOZ Animals.

Rescuers rushed to the scene and were heartbroken to see Liszka’s delicate situation. Apparently, it was not the first time that their owners faced charges for unfair treatment of animals .

“She was just lying down. Hoping to lose my life,” said one of the OTOZ Animals rescuers.

The man refused to let the dog go and the situation became so tense that rescuers had to call the police. It wasn’t easy but the beautiful dog was finally able to get out of the cage.

“The man was so out of his mind that he didn’t want to let the dog go. We had to call the police,” said Sylwia Zajac of OTOZ Animals.

Liszka trembled in fear every time a human approached her. It was evident that she had never been offered a gesture of affection and the poor thing was very confused.

When the furry girl tried to take her first steps, the rescuers were heartbroken.

He didn’t remember how to walk and his legs were so affected that he would need therapy and a lot of work to achieve something that should be natural and joyful for all puppies.

After weeks of dedication and a lot of work, Liszka seems different . She has learned to trust humans again and recovered from her muscle spasms. The adorable furry girl enjoys her walks more and more and even runs around a bit .

Best of all, he got a permanent family. The days of her in her cage are a thing of the past and she will now be able to count on the tranquility and love of a family that treats her as the most beloved in the house.

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