She gets caught spying on the neighbor and finds herself stuck in a tiny hole.

Puppies are one of the most intelligent animals in the world, there is no doubt about that. However, many times that same intelligence makes them too curious and they end up getting into big trouble that puts them at risk.

She is an extremely playful dog.

This was what happened in Sabará, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, in Brazil, with a mischievous one-year-old dog. Her name is Mel and his curiosity about her ended up mobilizing a whole rescue team .

Mel’s human knows that her pup knows no limits when it comes to satisfying her curiosity. But she never expected that when she left for work, the puppy would take advantage of the time to spy on one of her neighbors .

Mel is the darling of her house , she even has an exclusive area in which to sleep at ease; In addition, her family makes sure that she can play in the extensive garden of the property every day, so that she is not bored while they go out.

Despite all the efforts to care for and pamper the little girl, it was at the beginning of May that the family found sweet Mel trapped in a hole in the wall of the property , which has the function of draining water to the raining and driving to the neighbor’s house.

“Mel sleeps in a separate area of the house and every morning we open the door for her to move around the grounds. Nobody understood the reason for this curiosity”, said the human of the dog, Rosângela Silva.

Five family members tried for two hours to free the dog from the hole. But all their attempts failed and they finally chose to contact their region’s fire department for help.

Arriving at Mel’s house, the firefighters used mallets to make the hole larger from which the furry girl’s head was peeking out. They worked hard for half an hour, until they managed to rescue her safe and sound From her.

Mel’s family lived a true nightmare while their little girl was in trouble; she has been with them since he was born and they cannot conceive of her life without her. After her rescue, everyone celebrated and the furry girl began to jump everywhere with more force than ever .

Played again after being rescued

“Mel has always been a smart dog, she has been with us since she was born. It was a relief for us and for her that she was able to get out of the hole. After the scare, I just celebrated,” said Rosângela.

Surely this will not be the last time that Mel does a mischief, but she knows that she has the support and unconditional love of her family to rescue her as many times as necessary.

The occurrences and pranks of the puppies are part of their charm and unique personality. Share this unusual case and let us know the worst mischief your pet has ever done.

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