She is not posing as she is impaled on a rock; instead, she is pleading with the gods for assistance.

It happens to us sometimes that even though we know the way, we can stumble and fall inexplicably to the ground, luckily the hits are not serious and we soon get up to continue.

This seems to be what happened to this seal that some people saw a few weeks ago while walking on the beach. At first, they thought everything was fine with the little animal hanging between these rocks.

It looked like she was posing among the rocks, but when they saw her still in the same position, they knew something was wrong.

“Usually, when seals get stuck, they get out on their own, but this poor animal was really trapped,” St. Mary’s Seal Watch wrote on her Facebook account.

When they were absolutely sure she was trapped, they alerted the local rescue team to come to her aid. Rescuers from St. Mary’s Seal Watch went to the scene to assess the animal’s condition.

Rescue crews believe the baby was scared as he tried to cross the rocks, and within seconds he slipped backwards and was trapped.

It was definitely wedged into the rocks. They were all aware that she was going to take time and work to free her.

As rescuers surrounded the animal, the little girl waited patiently, watching the entire team work to help her.

The first thing the experts did was make sure it couldn’t slide in any further , and then they tried to come up with a plan to get it out very gently.

“We couldn’t just pull her out, as this could cause serious injury to her or us,” one of the rescuers wrote.

They knew it was easier to say what to do than to do it. As part of the plan they decided to wrap his face in a towel to minimize the risk of injury and stress.

Then they carefully put their hand in the hole and lift it carefully and gently until it is free.

They finally released her back into the wild!

Rescuers quickly examined the animal and announced that it was healthy and uninjured. Everyone celebrates because this baby is completely unharmed after this ordeal.

Fortunately, this little girl was seen in time and thanks to the experience of rescuers in similar cases, she was able to get out. Share this celebration with your friends.

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