She seeks safety away from a pile of dead puppies in order to avoid becoming like them.

Many people assume the great responsibility of having a puppy at home, however, some reach the point of not knowing what to do with them and end up giving them a sad fate where death is inevitable .

Although there are multiple options such as organizations that look after the puppies in case you can no longer take care of them, there are a large number of people who abandon them outdoors .

Nothing is known about its former owners.

Our protagonist is a little dog that was cruelly abandoned in a pile of garbage along with the corpses of many other little dogs. The little dog, helpless and very scared, managed to hide away from the pile of dead dogs to avoid ending up like them .

Had it not been found in time, it is possible that it would have had a tragic end. Thanks to the fact that a man passed by and noticed the puppy , who by then was only skin and bones, he had a happy ending.

They decided to name the puppy Alex.

The scared puppy tried to run away from the man finding refuge in a small box , he didn’t know that this man just wanted to help him. Apparently, the people with whom he had contact only mistreated him.

The lucky puppy was transferred to the rescue center where he received all the attention he needed, he couldn’t have had better luck, in a matter of days he had a new adoptive father who cared about giving the best to sweet Alex, who now looks totally different.

Alex was taken to an adoption event where he met his current family.

Little by little he was gaining weight and changing his appearance , that little lump of bones was in the past. After all he went through he is now a clean, happy and much loved puppy.

The beautiful puppy just had to get rid of the cough he had , luckily, the vet told them that it was just kennel cough that will soon heal completely.

He received a special diet to help him regain weight.

Alex does not stop wagging his tail every time he sees the people he loves , letting them know how happy and grateful this is part of his day to day by constantly wagging his tail.

Until recently this adorable puppy was nothing more than garbage to his former owner , his destiny changed and now he is a healthy and happy puppy.

Now he is a member of his new family.

Unfair treatment like the one Alex received cannot be tolerated . If you cannot keep your pet for any reason, take it to a shelter or give it to someone who watches over the well-being of the puppy.

There are no excuses for cruelly treating our furry ones , they deserve to be treated with total respect and love.

Alex had bad days on the verge of death, but now he is sleeping in a clean and comfortable bed thanks to his new family who love him unconditionally. Please help us share this story in your networks and let’s continue fighting for laws that protect our furry ones.

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