Sibling Protector: Hilarious “Overprotective” Sister Refuses to Let Anyone Hold Her Newborn Sibling, Bringing Laughter to Viewers

We’ve seen so many adorable videos of kids welcoming their newborn baby sibling, and this one truly made our hearts laugh!

They say that your sibling is the only enemy you cannot live without. And though it is normal to see siblings screaming at each other, arguing over trivial matters, and running after each other, still, it sure is refreshing to see siblings showing their love for each other.

A cute little girl named Henley has become viral on Facebook. Unlike most kids that feel jealous over their newborn baby sibling, Henley quickly adapted into being a loving, protective, and clingy big sister. In the viral video of Henley, the little girl who is only one-year-old does not want to stop snuggling with the newest addition to her family.

The adorable little girl is snuggling with her newborn baby sister named Peyton at a hospital in Pennsylvania. When her grandmother came inside their hospital room to take her newborn sister away, Henley did not show any sign of letting go of her baby sister. She kept shaking her head in protest to her grandmother’s attempt to taking Peyton away from her side.

Everytime Henley’s teasing grandmother would move close to the bassinet, Henley would look up to her. As if the young girl could read the mind of her grandmother.

“Henley, you want me to take the baby? I’ll take her,” Henley’s grandmother asked, to which Henley replied with a shake of her head.

Teasing the child, Henley’s doting grandmother asked her several more times, but Henley’s answer remained the same. Even when a different woman came and asked the same request, Henely still shook her head in response.

After a series of an attempt, everyone finally realized that the one-year-old child does not have any plans on letting her sister go. Instead of annoying Henley, they asked if she wanted to go for a ride with Peyton while they were in the bassinet.

This is the only question to which Henley gave a positive response by nodding her head.

“You gonna take care of your sister?“ Henley’s doting grandmother asked Henley, to which she replied with another small nod.

Everyone who was inside the room found what they have witnessed sweet, heartwarming, and funny as well. Danielle, Henley and Peyton’s aunt, posted the adorable video on Facebook with the caption of, “She’s so protective!”

Since the video has been uploaded on Facebook, it reached over 8 million views and over 200,000 of shares. It sure is not hard to see why the adorable video of Henley and Peyton are stealing the hearts of people all over the world. After all, whose heart would not melt over Henley’s protective nature over her newborn baby sister?! Hopefully, years from now, Henley and Peyton will stay this close and protective of each other!

Netizens who have viewed Henley and Peyton’s sweet video found their sisterly love sweet and expressed their thoughts on the comment section of the video. A lot of people are tagging their loved ones to lighten up their day with Henley’s story.

Watch how protective and clingy the one-year-old Henley is towards her newborn sister, Peyton, in the video below. How she firmly refused her grandma and the other adults in the room from taking her sister away from her, will surely tug strings to your heart!



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