Since his owner witnessed the dog jump, the loyal dog has remained on the bridge waiting for him. a week ago

The fidelity of the puppies is indisputable ; and the nobility and purity of his feelings move and surprise us more and more. That is why we will never understand how there can be people who treat them unfairly when they do nothing more than give us love and mark our lives forever.

faithful puppy, the pet of a dejected man from Wuhan, China, has given the most palpable sign of that fidelity.

He stayed for 4 days on a bridge waiting for his owner

Passersby saw a very sad and distressed puppy, after seeing how its owner had thrown himself into the river from there as the only way out of his desolation.

The puppy waited and waited, hoping that a miracle would bring his owner back.

The events occurred on the bridge over the Yangtze River. Many people saw the puppy that remained firm in the same place ; sometimes lying down and defeated, sometimes looking through the bars, he just waited.

They immediately realized that it was not  a stray dog, you could tell that it was a loved, cared for and spoiled pet . When they called him he was very shy and didn’t even look up.

The locals took photos of the puppy that spread them on the networks, breaking the hearts of many

Some passers-by tried to do something for him, taking him away, but they report that the puppy immediately returned to the bridge where they found him.

After a few days, Mr. Xu put him in his car in order to adopt him, but the puppy, nervous and confused by what was happening, ran away and since then nothing has bén heard from the little boy.

Xu asked for help on the networks telling the story of the dog and the unfortunate departure of its owner. The Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association has decided to intervene with the help of local volunteers to search for him, but they still have no trace of the furry.

“We asked the bridge officers to check what exactly happened… It was very dark and we couldn’t see much on the security cameras, but we did see the person jumped,” said Du Fan, director of the Association.

Du asks the whole community for help to find the dog, he is hopeful that he can find a home for him.

“We think it’s very sad that such a loyal dog should be lost on the streets.”

The scenes showing the incredible devotion of the puppy have moved thousands of people

“This makes me cry too much. Guys cherish your life and remember there are so many people who love you,” one person wrote.

“I hope they can find the puppy soon so that he has a loving home like the one he had with his owner ,” said another netizen.

This story breaks our soul. How is it possible that this poor man did not have the help he needed to not throw his life overboard? He had the unconditional love of his dog, but that was not enough for him… As far as the dog is concerned, his example of fidelity is amazing, humans often fall short.

Share this news to help the authorities find the little one, we are saddened to know what will become of him, how devastated he will be, if no one taught him to survive in the harsh life of the streets.

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