Spectacular beauty: Stunning image of a rare white lion showing off its majestic mane.

Moya, a stunning white lion boasting an impressive mane, has captured the hearts of many with his rare and majestic appearance.

Residing in the Glen Garriff Conservation lion sanctuary in South Africa, this six-year-old carnivore has become a symbol of beauty and conservation efforts.

When encountering Moya for the first time, renowned British wildlife photographer Simon Needham was captivated by his extraordinary features. “I love animals, but Moya’s stunning coat blew me away,” Needham expressed.

Despite the challenge of getting close to Moya, Needham managed to seize moments of intimacy, capturing breathtaking shots as the lion patrolled his territory.

White lions like Moya are exceptionally rare, with their distinctive coloring attributed to a genetic mutation known as leucism, a condition akin to albinism but less severe.

Simon Needham hopes that his photographs of Moya will not only showcase the sanctuary but also shed light on the precarious situation facing lions in the wild.

In Needham’s view, the narrative extends beyond admiration for Moya’s beauty; it serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for conservation efforts.

“The story is one of conservation awareness,” he emphasized, underlining the critical issues threatening the survival of iconic wildlife species worldwide.

As a director and professional photographer, Needham contributes to conservation efforts by donating 50% of his proceeds from selling his work.

“I’m delighted that we can raise awareness and support GG Conservation through this endeavor,” Needham expressed, highlighting the significance of combining artistry with activism to safeguard endangered species.

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