Surprised by the blue light-emitting tattoo on the back of an odd fish in the Philippines (Video)


A sea fish with strange tattoos has just been discovered by fishermen in the Philippines, making people “widen their eyes”.

Beautiful and unique tattoos are really being sought by young people because they contribute to expressing personal style. Tattooing has now become an art that anyone can participate in, from young and old to girls and boys. But, what if a fish also “funded” with a collection of strange tattoos full of himself? Recently, the images of a “tattooed” sea fish with unique and strange patterns really make tattoo followers “widen their eyes”.

This fish was caught by a fisherɱaп in the municipality of Lopez Jaena, Misamis Occidental province, Philippines when he went out to sea. At first, when catching this sea fish with strange drawings all over its body, the fishermen thought it was just the remnants of dirt, moss or scratches. However, when they were touched with their hands, they were really surprised because those are really deep tattoos on the fish’s skin. According to the fishermen here, the fish’s body is tattooed with ɱaпy unique and fancy pictures that they probably saw for the first ᴛι̇ɱe. Those are very artistic drawings with shield images, patterns and letters.

Not only the fisherɱaп but also the passersby were surprised by this tattooed fish. Some people think that maybe someone caught the fish and brought it ashore to tattoo and then released it back into the sea. Meanwhile, most are inclined to the theory, the fish was clinging to the body by a cloth floating in the sea. Then the ink of the new cloth is printed upside down. Due to the long clinging ᴛι̇ɱe, the ink stain has adhered to its body.

Besides, there are ɱaпy opinions that this may be the embodiment of god. The sea fish and strange tattoos are indeed a rare case and ɱaпy people still constantly wonder why this strange thing can happen. So far, the impressive tattoos on fish caught in the Philippines are still a mystery.

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